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*WHINES* No More NSX's!!!! =(

ExoticNSX, your insurance premium is going to be killer. I am 20 and own a '91 so I can understand your insurance concern. If it is going to be a primary car, which it will undoubtedly be if it is your most expensive car(Insurance always counts your most expensive/newest car as primary) You should look at over 600/month on a clean record. I shopped around for insurance when I was 18 on my '98 Cobra and it ran me something like 420/month on a Mustang. I fear to see what kind of premiums you'll be paying on a '00 Aluminum Bodied NSX.
Although somehow I managed to get coverage on my '91 through State Farm at 90/month (Full Coverage 250 deduc.)
By the way, NSXtasy, you are wrong that anyone at any dealer can do this search. Any one at any Acura dealer could do so

Oops! That's what I meant to say, anyone at any Acura dealer. Sorry for the error.
Insurance may turn out to be less than you expect. Don't judge by what you might pay for other cars. Call up your insurance agent BEFORE you buy the car, and ask how much insurance would cost. He/she should be able to tell you over the phone.
Niello Acura in Sacramento, CA reportedly has two 2000 Monaco Blue NSXs. (916) 334-6300

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this one shows many many days in stock and is probably a demo.....

Dealers rarely put a lot of miles on NSX's in stock. They usually just sit in the showroom. Why not call them and see how many miles are on it?
Actually the owners of both stores in my area drive NSXs. It's popular for owners or GM's to use these cars..... I did call and it is a demo and will be turned in before 5k mi.

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