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White Mountains Run - 9/7

5 June 2006
Metrowest, MA
Hi All-

It's been a while since I tried to get this together earlier in the year, but its been a busy summer. I would like to get a group together to do a drive through the White Mountains/Kangamagus/Franconia Notch area on Sunday, September 7th. Figure on meeting in Plymouth, NH at 10AM and I'll map out a route for us that should last 4 hours of driving time (allow additional time for breaks/lunch/etc.). Post here if you are interested -- not just limited to NSX's.

I would love to join, but I will be traveling that day for a meeting on Monday. :frown:
Hm... I might be able to depending on if my workload for that weekend... I'll let you know once it gets closer.
Going to reschedule and put together a new post as the weather forecast is somewhat questionable this weekend with Hanna coming through.
so are we going?
I think I may be going this weekend if you guys are still up for it.. Sunday isn't suppose to rain according to weather.com

If we do end up going this weekend.... would you guys like to make a MA caravan to Plymouth, NH? After looking at it it's a pretty long trip up to the starting point and I'm assuming since we are all gonna try to make it around the same time we should try to do it as a group. A potential caravan point could be the Rockingham Mall in Salem NH, its right on the border of MA and NH and it's right off of I-93N???
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I'm planning on rescheduling this for later in the month. I see the center is forecast to be over NYC at 2AM Sunday, which means Sunday will probably be a washout.