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White NSX spotted in Alameda

must be me, lol... when i first bought my car, it was red, just got it back from the body shop a few months ago, it did a complete color change to champ white, was in the shop for 5 weeks....

you live in alameda too? bayfarm?
yup im still around, i barely drive my nsx lol. it just sits in the garage looking pretty. are u the one with the red nsx on bayfarm? i see one in the morning sometimes. i take the ferry every morning to work.
Hey Romeo, Ive been meaning to stop by your shop. I just been busy with work and i recently bought a Triplex in Oakland.

I am down to have a mini meet, sushi house is wayyy too busy. I would rather hit up angel fish on bayfarm or even la penca azul haha.

Let me know guys
Another Alameda (black) NSX here. Been traveling a lot lately, so she's been decorating the garage most of the time. Count me in for a mini meet (assuming I'm not on the road). Steve knows where I'm parked ;)