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Who does your Tech Inspections?

10 August 2000
Just spent all morning trying to get a Tech Inspection for an upcoming NSX-CA event... went to the two closest Acura dealers, neither was familiar with what I was after. One told me they could fit me in in two weeks, the other was nice enough to confusedly walk to the bays and ask their only NSX mechanic if hew could do it. The NSX mechanic said it was a 2.5 hours job! (note that this is a 2000 NSX).

For all the Porsche perceived "unfriendliness" out there, I've been able in the past to walk unannounced into just about any Porsche shop (dealer or independent) and they would gladly do the inspection right there on the spot, usually not even bothering to charge.

If anyone knows of a good NSX shop in Dade or Broward please let me know.
The tech inspection for a track event normally consists of checking all the items on a checklist. It should take no more than one hour labor. Any dealer or independent mechanic should be able to do this. How long it takes to get an appointment may depend on your dealer's normal policy.

If they need to do you a favor to get you an appointment on short notice, it doesn't hurt to lay a dozen donuts on their service department first thing in the morning. And if someone there is really looking out for you and doing you favors, don't be afraid to give them a tip; I've found that a $25 gift card from Blockbuster Video can work wonders!

Also, don't forget that many of the dealers in Florida give 15 percent discounts on parts and service to members of the NSX Club of America:

Don Mealey Acura, Orlando
Fountain Acura, Orlando
Ferman Acura, Tampa
Miami Acura, Miami
Rick Case Acura, Ft. Lauderdale (10% parts only at this time)
Ralph, call me 954-566-6388 and I'll hook you up. Nsxtasy is right that my store(Fountain Acura) would take care of it right away if I called but it's way in Orlando. So give me a call and I'll hook you up with Mike in Miami..... has his own shop and also works for Acura dealer. He does most of the work on the Florida guys' cars....


Todd Arnold
Thanks guys. Must admit the Donut trick never ocurred to me... tipping the tech that does the inspection is standard, though. Particularly if the shop doesn't charge.

But just found out that Wei-Shen will accept the inspection done by one of my staff, who used to build race engines for a living before discovering the joys of an IT career

I'll take this chance to mention how incredibly helpful Wei-Shen has been so that I can go the my first NSX event, he is a real quality guy!

Todd, I'll keep Mike's number for the next time, sure want to develop a relationship with a knowledgeable local shop.
Actually, the typical tech inspection that I've gone through with my NSX and my 996 can be done in a matter of 5 minutes. The local Porsche Club regions and Texas World Speedway all use the same basic tech inspection form, and it's really quite simple.

For one event, I had my NSX teched at a Porsche shop along with the 996... the Porsche guys were more than happy to do an inspection on my "Japanese 914". For another, my car was at a dealer getting the timing belt done, and they just filled out the form before the car was done.

I've known people who also do their own tech inspection. What is key here is that you honestly check all the items on the list - not just assume your car will pass because it's YOUR car. If you understand what all the items on the list are trying to identify, you're competent enough to do it yourself.

I don't know what NSXCA's rules are about tech inspections, so you may not be able to do it yourself. I'm sure their master insurance policy requires tech inspections, but the person doing the inspection isn't assuming any liability if the car suffers a failure.

But I will say this: People who don't properly tech inspect and/or maintain their cars can really piss you off. At a recent event on the 2.9 mile road course at Texas World Speedway, someone's oil cooler broke first thing in the morning, and they dumped oil right on the line for about 1/2 mile of the track. This shut things down for a while, and it's an inconvenience to everyone else (the other 99 people there to have fun). My attitude is this: If your car can't deal with a 20 minute run session, you shouldn't be driving it!

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