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Who lives on Stellar Drive in Scioto Run?

18 July 2005
Was up in Columbus, OH this weekend visiting a friend (who by the way works for Honda R&D in Marysville, Ohio) and I stopped by my old house in Scioto Run. After leaving, I was on my way out and went past a house on Stellar Drive that had a red NSX parked on the driveway. I stopped and rang the doorbell but I guess no one was home. I saw the the engine cover was removed so I'm willing to bet whoever owns that car frequents this forum. Anyone know who that NSX belongs to?
I have a red NSX and live a few blocks from where your talking about...I bicycle down Stellar a few times a week. It wasn't me and I've never seen one there (though I usually only go past in the afternoon). I'd be interested to know also. I also work at Honda in Marysville.