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Why don't FL NSX owners track their cars???

11 December 2000
clearwater, FL,USA
When I first got my NSX almost 6 years ago it seemed that every track event I went to there were at least 5-8 NSXs at Sebring. I went two weeks ago and there was only one on the track. I don't understand why the poor turnout considering how well the car works at the track. Any insight?

Sure was fun to see the turnout in years past.
Hey Shuey2k,

I've gone to the track at Sebring just about 1 1/2 yrs now. I havent seen that many Nsx's at the track at all over that period of time. Usually just Dr. Chin's and Carlos Medrano's Nsx from Ft. Lauderdale. I dont go on Saturdays. But I usually do go to the Sunday events at Sebring.
At least once I have gone to the homestead event in Miami. There werent too many there either. Hopefully something will change.


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