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why not PIR

17 December 2005
Portland, Oregon
The NSXPO is in portland, but the track day is at pacific raceway, What the hells up with that? Is Portland interantional booked ?
Wouldnt be more convient if it were in Portland?
Yes, Roger Penske felt the same way:). He had just a little higher priority;).

Driving PIR!!!!

Phillip Morris booked 10 days in September, knocked us off the map as far as getting the track here.

PIR will be available for lapping and HPDE instruction with ProDrive September 10 and 11th.


They have offered the NSXCA a discount for skid cars, lapping days and driving schools!
If you come to Portland for NSXPO and are bummed we could not get PIR, here is another option, you can sign up with PCA for Sept 18th HPDE day! This is 4 days after the social event, 2 days after our track event at Pacific Raceways, but it is an option to drive Portland International Raceway.

Go to MotorsportReg.com and look for the event!
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