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Why NSXPrime Rocks...

11 March 2007
Hi All,

Thought I'd share a story of how the NSX Community is so tight. Besides living half way around the world it was cool this weekend to have another NSX Prime member come visit.

Commander was on his way back to Saudi and had some time to kill in Dubai so sent me a PM and we met up. Great guy and we spent the day driving all over Dubai fetching various parts for my car, did the NSX drive and tour of the place, and then ripped him back to the airport.

Next weekend another Prime member will be thru Dubai and I'll be meeting up with him as well most likely sharing the same NSX stories, etc.

I wanted to post this as recently some people have blasted the quality and integrity of NSX Prime and I'm here to say that even though some of us are younger (ahem...31) we still have the same passion and enthusiasm the older guys do.

We all live in different countries but we all share the same feelings and emotions towards this car and can communicate and co-exist as we do albeit with all the differences placed upon us.

Its damn cool this website and I hope its continues to have the same great, the bad, and the sometimes hillarious feedback it provides.

Look me up when you are in Dubai next and we'll meet up. :)

I have to agree. There have been some people bashing Prime lately but in reality, it's an exaggeration. The community I've grown to see over the years is stupendous. Many NSXers are very practical, somewhat geeky, friendly helping, open minded and not insecure individuals of diverse backgrounds. This is quite the opposite for any other car I've seen. There is no such thing as a tight niche community that helps each other and for the most part KNOWS each other for porches or corvettes. Instead it's mostly just a bunch of anti-social people throwing money away on a car that has no passion, reliability or practicality to it.

The only other place I have felt this welcoming and niche community is with Judo, a japanese sport that is more selective and small like the NSX niche and brings with it good people who like to come together to be selfless and polite.

There is some joking around but this is just comic relief which keeps us young and is actually a good sign--a sign or not being stuck up or prick-ish.

As I've spoken with you before the NSX is a great car and it seems the people who buy them are very similar due to their taste in a niche yet highly practical and wonderful vehicle.

If I ever go to Dubai on business (I'll see if any companies there need a Wi-Fi survey/install or require Call Manager or monitoring contracts in the area ;-)) I'll be sure to buy you a lunch...

Thanks Prime for keeping it strong!
Great little story, its good to hear other prime members visiting on the other side of the world, I was in Dubai for a couple days earlier this year, but didn't get a chance to visit much, maybe my next trip I'll get a chance. I thoroughly enjoy this site, its a great community, and people help you out if you have a problem, plus I enjoy helping out others if they have a problem.
I definitely echo Jetpilot3's sentiments.

When I visited Dubai last November, even though our schedules didn't quite sync up, he managed to find a few hours to meet up, show me his NSX, and take me on a "secret" tour of a well known Dubai landmark in the making.

For him to do this for someone that he's only talked to through an internet forum is amazing, and is rare these days.

Of all the forums I'm on, Prime is definitely the best!

Thanks Jetpilot3!!!
Very Cool, I agree with you. I have met some great people that post here!
Can't imagine owning an NSX without having NSX Prime as a resource.

OK...need to make my donation now.
Can't imagine owning an NSX without having NSX Prime as a resource.

OK...need to make my donation now.


The NSX community, mindset, and Prime forums are all major factors in why I want an NSX, other than the NSX being the only logical car to own of course ;)...
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Definitely +3 over here.

This community is great--and despite never owning one (yet)...I still stuck around. I enjoy the discourse, and the love and passion for the car. Props to a tight knit community.

I have a similar story: I met a few similar "great" prime members at an exotic car show, and pm'd them on the boards first. These guys went above the call and even let me drive their cars. How spectacular is that? A true testament to the levels of commaraderie and enthusiasm for the car.

Thanks all, hope to be one of your helpful members soon (this time I promise =)) . =)
Hi all. I would like to say a few words. I have been looking at this car for years and have met a few nice guys from this site. I have told my self that I needed to get my life where I need it to be before doing such a purchase. Well the time is almost here and I told myself when I hit 40 I am buying my NSX. But what I have noticed over the few years since I have become a member is when others contact you and find out that you dont actually have one they seem to not talk to you anymore. I did find that hard and pushed away. I have always tried to ignore that and when I come into the site I just look at pictures and read the odd story. I just recently been posting again. I know this is a good community and I feel that I am part of it even with out owning the car still, but there are a few that think they are higher then you if you dont. I wish people would just treat every one the same. I love car just as much as the guy that owns 2 of them. I have about 6 display models does that count!!!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: .... Any ways, I just wanted to shead some light on that, I love the car and always will that will never change.

when others contact you and find out that you dont actually have one they seem to not talk to you anymore.

Don’t sweat it, Lime Green. Happens to me all the time and I have one.:biggrin:

But I was in the same boat as you not long ago. Collected models and pictures and books for years. When you finally get your hands on one it is incredible. You drive but you can’t believe you’re driving. You wake up and take a good, long look at night.
When it happens, it is incredible.