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Wide front fenders

1 June 2005
Dear All,

Who is still making wide front fenders ? I mean (close to) OEM looking but a bit wider. I think of Garage Kite that we can get from Mita, but who else with a bit of availability ?

I am now running Hankook F200 215/615 R17 front on 17x8 ET40 wheels and 3.5 ° camber without splash guards. Despite the "215" marking, that is more a 230 mm wide tire. No rubbing on the fenders. They rub "inside" at full lock.
I would like to go to 240/610 R17 on 17x9 ET35 (?). 240 are 250 mm wide in reality (20 mm more than the 215). Here I think that I will need 20 mm wider fenders.
Didn't downforce make some?
also review Billy's build threads about his white car he has wider fronts running 245's His screen name is stuntman..
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