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Wheel size with wide fenders

1 June 2005
On my track NSX, I am now running 215/615 R 17 slick tires on 17x8 ET40. I have -3.5° camber and no liners. No rubbing except a bit at full lock at the fenderwell (normal with 615 mm diameter).

What if I go with 20mm wider fenders like the Garage Kite ?

My goal is to go with the next bigger size of tires : 240/610 R 17. The Enkei Kojin I have are available in 17x9 with ET35 or ET45. What would you choose ?
I like that wheel, good choice! I am fairly close to your specs. I run stock fenders with liners, on a street car with several track days on this setup. Hopefully this is somewhat useful until an expert can weigh in :cool:.
  • Roughly 20mm lower than stock ride height
  • Roughly -2.5 degrees camber
  • 17 x 9 +34 wheel with a 1mm spacer (+33 equivalent, roughly) for additional BBK clearance to concave spokes
  • 235/620 R 17 tire
I would *guess* that the ET35 setup would be the better option for you, as a +20mm fender should give you ample clearance outboard (I have tight clearance on stock fender). I think the ET45 setup would put the tire closer to suspension and chassis, without any real benefit (even more clearance to +20mm fender?).

Brake clearance could be an issue depending on caliper/spoke profile interaction, make sure both wheel specs clear your calipers (Enkei notes the spoke profile differs between those offsets).

Not sure if this is definitive enough for you, but at least some data to start the process!
With Sorcery Widebody I'm running
Front 17x9 ET22 255/40 17 plus 5mm spacer
Rear 18x10.5 ET18 295/30 18

had to make 10mm rack stops to limit total steering lock to avoid hitting chassis on full lock.

I want to run 18x10 with 295/30 on front but i think i'll have to do some chassis mods