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Will aftermarket mods decrease the value of the car?

10 February 2001
Southern California
Will aftermarket mods decrease the value of the car? What mods do you think won't? I'm thinking that anything that is subject to wear and tear and would eventually need to replaced won't matter. Like shocks for example. What about springs? Exhaust? Thanks.

Mods don't necessarily decrease the value of the car. But they never increase the value of the car as much as the amount spent on the mods. And they CAN make it more difficult to sell the car, since you are giving up that portion of the market who prefer a stock or close-to-stock car. (And difficult to sell may mean that you have to settle for a lower selling price.) OTOH, you MAY find someone who wants a car with exactly the mods you have installed, in which case you may get significantly more for your car than you would without the mods. It introduces an element of chance into the resale question.

I would think that the more common the mods, the easier it is to find someone who is willing to buy a car with them. The most common mods, of course, are probably wheels, intake, exhaust, headers, springs, struts, and sway bars. Some mods - most notably the supercharger - aren't as common just because they're more expensive than other mods, but I would think that a SC would add significantly to the value of the car.

I would think that most folks make mods because they like the car better that way, and don't care what their effect on the car's resale value is. If you only focus on cost-justifying the mods, you would probably conclude that your best bet is to leave the car stock. If that's not what you want, well, then do what you want!
To an average fellow it will increase the value, but only by a small margin.
To a collector, they will not even consider it so don't worry about it.
To an enthusiast, it will increase the value considerabely, but not to the point of getting all your money back.
I paid an extra couple grand for my car because it had at least a few thousand dollars worth of mods already. I knew I would buy it myself anyway so it was worth it.
A heavily modifed car may garner more attention. I car with exhaust/intake/headers/springs etc. may get some people to pay an extra couple grand.
A Twin Turbo NSX will get people to pay a LOT more because many of us lust after it.
Personally, I wouldn't buy a mod expecting to get anything back. It will, in my opnion, make it much easier to sell at price when the time comes. You have an advantage over stock for all enthusiasts and maybe the average Joe. I sold three vettes, all modified. I didn't get much extra, but they were a cinch to sell because I had an advantage over others stock.
good luck.
Well here is my point of view

I had a limited budget and I knew I wanted different rims/wheels on my NSX and I wanted to put in an Exhaust and intake.

so when I was looking I did check the prices of the car in relation to how much those mods cost

so my NSX I just purchased worked out like this to me

'92 NSX Silver (worth more than red/black/white)
1. Comptech Exhaust ($1200)
2. Comptech Sway Bar ($200)
3. Aftermarket SSr Wheels ($2500)

so I figured If I purchased the one I got it would of cost me $3.7K more to mod it

so I had a choice of 2 cars.
1. '92 NSX BONE STOCK with 35K miles
2. '92 NSX all listed above with 68K miles

(They both had the Snap ring fixed and new clutch)

so I got the higher milaged one since it was cheaper for me

so to me they kind of add value to the car.