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Will I fit?

3 August 2005
Charlotte, NC
Sup guys, I'm looking seriously into getting one of these wonderful cars but I'm worried that I might not physically fit in the car comfortably..

I'm 6'4" 230lb.. 34" inseam pants

Anybody else like me own one of these cars? Hows it working out for you?

I'll be running the car at the track, so helmet clearance is also an issue.

Thanks for the help guys!

i am 6' 5" 215 and fit fine, but find a car and sit in it. dali makes a thinner seat cushion that can get you another few inches of headroom.

good luck,

I am your size at 240lbs. Go to Daliracing.com have Mark order you a custom seat cushion it will give you an extra 2 inches. Before my cushion my top was off 99% of the time, after cushion I may never take the top off again.


2005 Blue on blue
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BB Exhaust from Tom at RP Motorsport
Custom made 18/19 5 spoke
NSX-R knob, boot, emblems and much more Dali Racing
Slotted Power Rotors Dali Racing
Custom Blue leather OEM seat cushion 2 inches lower Dali Racing
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Dali Low Rider Springs "1.25 drop
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I'm 6'2", 190 lbs, 32" inseam. I don't sit all the way back, the seat fits well, and my head never touches the roof :smile:

So don't hesitate, buy it now! :biggrin::biggrin:
I'm 6'5", 204 lb, 36in inseam. Leg room is fine, head slightly scrunched but very bearable. Before you send money to Dali, do a search and read the thread in NSX Prime discussion about responsibilty for vendors. Find a car near you & see how it feels.
I'm 6'6" and 200 lbs. I fit pretty well but I don't usually have problems with many cars. I couldn't wear a helmet (i don't think i could wear a hat) and be comfortable without doing the seat mod.
Awesome. That's exactly what I was hoping.

I had heard from some people that it had the same kind of room as an S200 which sounds totally wrong from what you guys describe. I sat in an S2000 and I couldn't even put my foot on the gas without my leg being pinched b/w the console and the wheel.

Btw - Awesome forum.. Much more mature and thoughtful than many other forums I've been on.

You will be OK. I am 6 3" 230.
Saw a neat set up last week end.
The seat bottom was held in by Velcro.
Removing the seat pad will give at least 2" xtra head room, plus
high side bolsters. Looked like the way to go for track work.
One more thing, as I wear a size 13 shoe, you should find a nice pair of driving shoes.
Pedals are very close, and a narrow racing shoe makes things easy.
Just picked up some Pilot DCM's. They work perfect.
I am 6'2" 165lb.

When I had my '98T, I used a Recaro SPG with Taitec rails, I moved to this setup after doing the seat cushion mod b/c it did not yield enough headroom. The SPG w/ accompanying side mount rails literally put my behind on the floor, with this setup I still managed to make contact with the targa top w/ my helmet .
The S2000 is significantly smaller inside than the NSX. I was surprised by the lack of cabin space inside an S2000. For a car of its size, you would expect to have more room. The interior of an MR2 Spyder is larger than the S2000's. That really surprised me.