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Will these fit?


If you have minor inner-fender liner rubbing up front, a 3mm spacer will cure it.

The tires (front AND rear) are taller than OEM, but almost equally. TCS will be ok, but your speedo will be off in the "unsafe" way. Meaning that your speedo will read 70, but you will be doing faster than that.
kouasupra said:
Will these fit?

18x7.5 225/40/18 (43 offset)
18x9 245/40/18 (43 offset)
Those tire sizes are not good choices for the NSX. As Tom mentions, the front tires will rub on the fender well liners. Also, those large rear tires will result in slower acceleration, due to the effective gearing (like getting taller gears).

Most people who get 18" front wheels use 215/35-18 front tires. Most people who get 18" rear wheels use 265/35-18 rear tires. Those sizes would be much better for your '93.

kouasupra said:
Yeah, why does my CTS come on? I have to turn off my CTS now when I drive the car :confused:
I don't know why it would come on with those tire sizes. Are you using other tire sizes than those you are asking about? If so, and if they are the wrong sizes (changing the outer diameter too much from stock), then that is your problem.