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Will These Lights Work For My 92' to 02' Conversion?

18 April 2015
Hello everyone, I'm doing a 92' to 02' face lift and and am using almost all OEM parts. I'm buying through a dealer and they had these lights at a discounted price. They are new and were damaged in shipping to the original customer. The customer returned them. The dealer is offering a discount (still not sure on the price), but I wanted to find out if these will work or not. It appears that there is a small amount of damage to the clear plastic on the corner but the underside and won't be seen. The other damage is on the underside to the black plastic pins. I do not know what these pins are for and whether this is a big deal or not? I would appreciate any opinions on this. I really don't know a lot about how the lights install so it's hard for me to make a call on this. Thanks for the help in advance.

seems like its just cosemetic. major part such as the mounts seem fine so you wont have a problem using it minus the glass lense scratches. if that bother you buy new if it doesnt get it for a discount
The damages doesn't look too bad but that also depends on how much discount they will give you. The plastic pins on the bottom is to situate the OEM ballast. You can still mount the oem ballast since it will be screwed in at three places.