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Will these work...

19 March 2005
San Diego
I have a '91 stock. I want to stick with a 17/18 combo. I found a set of Enkei wheels i like but they are pretty limited on sizing. Isthe front wheel going to be too skinny? I am curious if they will work and look correct. Any help would be great.
Here are the sizes they said are avail...
front -- 17x7 +38
rear -- 18x8.5 +35

Much thanks -j-
PK6 it is.
What color NSX ?
Silver or Anthracite PK6's?

Can't wait to see...

p.s. -- package price delivered ??
We just installed, and they fit perfect!

They are silver on a black/black 91. We were going to go with the Gun Metal, but the fronts are on B/O and no ETA from Enkei.

This is the package I did for the guy.

17x7.0 +38mm
18x9.5 +35mm
215-40-17 Kumho 712
245-40-18 Kumho 712

$1120 + ship (which in his case was about $72)
Post a pic please, or a few, if you were able to get some.

Thanks !
jimmycinla said:
Is the front wheel going to be too skinny?
No, but the rear might be.

The most commonly used tire sizes on 17"/18" wheels on the NSX are 215/40-17 front, and either 255/35-18 or 265/35-18 rear. You will have to check the specs for the particular tires you are planning to use (I wouldn't recommend the Kumho Supra 712 - there are better tires for the money) in order to determine the approved rim widths for the sizes you are considering. For example, the Bridgestone S-03 (one of the best all-around street tires) is approved for rim widths of 7.0-8.0 inches for the 215/40-17, 8.5-10.0 inches for the 255/35-18, and 9.0-10.5 inches for the 265/35-18.

This also explains why, if they're available in any wheels you're looking at, it would be better to choose 17"/18" rim sizes of 17x7.5 and either 18x9.0 or 18x9.5.

Were the rears that you went with 18x9.5 or 18x8.5? It seems like with the offsets indicated, they were the 18x8.5.

I'd be interested in some pictures as well, because they are a nice, attractive wheel.
The rears are 8.5, and these were the only widths for the rear, that the offsets worked. This customer wanted an inexpensive way to dress up the car, and for the type of driving that he does, the Kumho 712's are just fine.


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