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Window alignment guide-High bandwidth only!

eddie_82: When you roll up the window, the window motor has to overcome the weight of the glass, the friction in the front and rear glass guides, the friction in the regulator itself, the friction caused by the glass sliding through the front and rear sashes, and the friction caused by the glass sliding over the window seal. If your window doesn’t roll up all the way when the door is closed but it does roll up all the way when the door is open, then the window motor isn’t able to overcome all the friction in the system plus the friction of the window seals. Remove the friction of the window seals and the overall friction is low enough that the motor can close the window.

Since your window seals properly as long as it is closed all the way, it doesn’t sound like the window necessarily needs to be adjusted. More likely, you need to lower the friction in the system. The easiest thing to do is to spray some silicone into the front and rear window sashes where they contact the glass. That may be all you need. The next easiest is lowering the friction of the window seal by cleaning it, massaging some silicone into it and then some talcum powder. If those things don’t help enough, it may be time to actually open up the door and clean and regrease the glass guides and the regulator. If that doesn’t do it either, then remove the regulator and install one of Hugabuga’s kits. If that doesn’t do it, then disassemble the interior further as the service manual calls for in order to properly check the window’s alignment. If the window is in alignment and you’ve lubed up everything you can, it’s probably time for a new regulator. But hopefully a shot of silicone into the sashes will be enough.
Thanks for the tips, I'll certainly take a closer look at the things you suggest.

I do plan on taking the door apart anyways as the movement of the driver's window is far from smooth and I'll be installing the thingys at the same time once I get around to ordering them from Mark.

Much appreciated!
I contacted Skyguy in 2006 when I finally tired of my passenger window moving erratically and not aligning when "fully" raised. After installing Hugabuga's window repair kit the window aligns itself perfectly without going through Skyguy's alignment process. The regulator works faster and more smoothly too.
Bumping the thread from the grave as I am experiencing some difficulties aligning my windows properly.

On step 11 sub-step 2 page 20-15 of the guide here...


My windows seem to "rock" forwards and backwards with respect to the middle part held on by the regulator. Is this normal or is that a sign of worn out window guides? Or are the window tracks not properly aligned? I've noticed that the front track is pretty much fixed, however, the rear track has a very small amount of play.

With this rocking motion, the windows can be "tilted" forwards or backwards. With the window is tilted backwards (ie front rises first), its slow. However, the window doesn't move at all if the window is tilted forward. I've tried to move the regulator as far forward as possible to tilt the windows backwards, however, its not good enough and the window rises very slowly.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.