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Window trim sticking..

2 March 2006
The rubber seal that rests against the window that is attached to the inside of the door, keeps creating too much friction with both windows when they are opening and ends up being pulled down against the window thusly binding up the windows as they try to open. To open the windows fully, i have to go down, up, down, up, down, up, down to get the rubber seal to stay "up" while the window is "down" recessed into the door. Problem seems to worsen if the rubber heats up. wont do it if im blasting the A/C for 20-30 mins and the outside temp is significantly higher than the inside temp.. Im assuming the rubber shrinks when cold and generates little/no friction, whereas when hot, it presses too firmly against the windows. help/ideas on fixing this? my windows arent slow enough to really bother me on the way up so I had no intention of upgrading anything in the assembly just yet.
First off get a wet wash rag, roll down the window and run the rag inside the rubber trim. these get very dirty over the years. Clean it very good. Next, you do one of 2 things and I've done both. Wax the inside of the glass, yes it sound kooky but it works, or you can try Rainx inside the glass. Either one you'll do it 2/3 times for each window. This should fix your issue. It fixed mine. My window actually runs up/down faster. Repeat this every couple months and you'll be good to go.:wink: