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won't start!

31 January 2002
Raleigh, NC
i think i read every thread on this topic, however i have yet to find the answer. i removed the battery to charge it and when i replaced it (*note, i DID do the late night stupid thing and hooked it up backward!) anyhow, horns flared etc., slight arcing...after correcting that problem the horns still blare and all of the lights remain on. the car won't turn over either. i bought the car with an aftermarket alarm, which doesn't seem to be the problem since i tried to turn it off via remote and switch and still had the same problems. not sure if there is a factory default alarm that may be causing this, and if it is i would have no idea on how to disarm it. please help!
Then horns are from your alarm. It is very possible to damage the alarm by hooking the battery up reverse polarity. It's also possible you need to re-code the alarm and trasmitter to work together once you cut power to the alarm for an extended period of time.

Aftermarket alarms can be really toucht. It's even fairly common for people to freak out aftermarket alarms just jump-starting a car. You may need to over-ride or disconnect it temporarily. It is also possible your alarm is preventing you from starting the car - some will kill the ignition if they are in "alarm" mode to prevent someone from just smashing a window and jamming a big screwdriver into the ignition as a "key".

Once you get rid of any alarm problems, if the car still doesn't start, look for any blown fuses, esp. in the main box under the front hood. Check them ALL - I once had a blown ABS fuse which caused the car to not start.
thanks lud.
i did find that i blew the 120amp fuse. it appears i possibly blew my alpine brain. guess i have to find it and send it in. what a price to pay for a stupid mistake.