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Work Emotion = Racing Hart Cp-035

11 June 2001
Are these rims the same? They kinda look similar. Also, what does the Rapid NSX wear, the works or the racing harts? And does anyone know how light these two wheels are? Finally, has anyone used Regamaster wheels on their NSX? Thanks in advance.
Close, but different wheels...

Work Emotion:


Don't know what the Works weigh, but I've heard the CP-035s are very light.

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The CP-035's are some of the lightest weights available. I have a set of CP-035-R's custom made from Japan in order to clear my Brembo's. They are possibly the only set currently in the U.S. I know for a fact I had the first set in the world ever made.

I think the Rear's are 17lbs or so and they are 18x9.5". Try to find a wheel thats lighter than that!!
Oh yes, and I conveniently happen to have a set for sale too..

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The Work Emotions and RH CP-035 are different wheels. The Rapid NSX uses CP-035s. They cost about $2200 for the setup on the Rapid NSX (17x8.0, 18x10.0). Private me with questions.

-- Chris


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