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Worst NSX story ever!

25 January 2008
So, I have been scraping and saving and working like no other human on this planet to finally be able to purchase my dream car. I mean, I didn't take any days off of work for 8 months! Not 1! (I drive a truck and was picking up parts from across the U.S. as I drove and that way I could save on shipping)

Here's how it all started. Saw my first NSX in 1991. Pursured a very sad but well acknowledged music career. Got involved with a girl who had a habbit. Lost everything I owned on this planet in just under a year. Went back to work. Invested everything I had earned into a bar. Lost it all. Decided that all I wanted still was my NSX. Went to truck driving school. Got hired on at a big company. Was able to save money over the last year + and borrowed a little from the bank to finish paying off the NSX I had chosen.

I chose to purchase a rebuildable titled car that had been repaired as a friend of mine owns a very respectable restoration shop and I have a better than average knowledge of car and thier workings. Deciding I could have fun doing a complete teardown and rebuild of the car I've always wanted and along the way adding and improving on the car to enhance what I percieved as the perfect automobile.

This is what I did. I found a person who had an NSX for sale. Salvaged/rebuild title. Car has been up and running since it was hit for over 8 years and had some minor mods to the motor. The owner let me make payments on the car, ultimately reducing the final cost of the car when I finally came to pick it up. (we did a 6 month time frame) Anyhow, final price on the car with my plane ticket to NY to get the car was $18,026.00.

The owner drove over to JFK and picked me up personally in the car. I knew what I was getting. It was a car that had been rode hard, put away wet, and never taken care of. It was EXACTLY what I wanted. I mean to the "T"! interior needed work, body needed lots of work, but... it ran and drove like a roller coaster! On rails!

After we finished the bill of sale, and the passing of the cash, I grabbed the keys, got in my new toy, and set the GPS for a trip from Queens, NY to D.C. to park the car so I could go back to KS and get my truck and trailer so I wouldn't have to drive the car and rack up the miles. ('91, 76,xxx miles)

Well, this was yesterday (7/21/08) at 10:30 EDT.

My journey leaving Queens was a miriad of bumpy winding roads that didn't leave much room for the car to show me why I had purchased her (lowered). Pot holes so deep I was bottoming out every 20 feet. Then finally! I was on 95 south in NJ heading for the turnpike! Smooth road just miles ahead! Hit the ticket booth, put the hammer down and hit that redline! Yeah baby! Oh yeah! I had got it out of my system! After 17 years of waiting for my toy, I had lived it! Then, tragedy struck.

I had been crusing along now on 95 for about 10 miles just below the speed limit (48-49 mph in a 50, traffic was a little thick) and I pulled over into lane #3 on 95 southbound, NJ turnpike, when I came over the crest of a hill and realized I'm boxed in by semi's and a guy riding in my blindspot. I looked in my drivers side mirror and noticed that I had room to move over to lane #4 when I looked up and forward to see what I assumed was my emminent death. There were 4 trucks in front of me, all assuming a lane of their own, and 2 trucks staggered to my right blocking my exit. Appearantly, one of the semi's in front of the wall of trucks had a tire come apart and it took along with it the pile of snow chains attached on the side of the trailer. This, is not good. The 2 trucks in the center held thier position and hit the tire and chain debris with all 32 wheels, sending huge chunks of rubber and chain airborn into the sides of the outter 2 trucks and leaving me the decision of this: go left into the divider (no shoulder on 95 S. NJ turnpike, make note) go to my right and get crushed by a semi or 2 riding in the 2 slow lanes, or swerve a little to the left, put on the brakes and have the idiot riding in my blind spot hit me and shoot me into the 2 semi's in the slow lane and possibly some other cars behind me... or... let this chunk of tire take me out. Well, here's what I did..

I pushed the brakes down, hoping for the best from the rear. Saw my speed get down to about 35-40 and let off the brakes noticing a car approaching with a lead foot behind me. Swerved as much as I could to my left without putting the Nissan Maxima into the divider, and proceeded to let a super single tire tread try to molest the front of my car with the brutallity of a Angus Bull. I was now down to about 35 but the super single tire is a semi tire, it's just twice the normal size... how do I know? I use them on my truck and the DOT collected the one I hit for me as well for a present. (hopefully in an evidence locker in NJ) Well, it folded the front end of the car under, wrapping everything up in the front wheels and then spit it all over the sides and under carriage of the car. Luckily, I didn't pop a tire and was able to force her over onto the shoulder where I could get a look at what just ended the smile on my face... it's bad. Anything that wasn't heavy gauge aluminum is pretty much destroyed on the front end. Tire and aluminum pieces made it several rotations around the wheels and ripped apart the fenders and wells, A/C cooler was on the ground, etc. Like I said, it's pretty bad. :frown: Lowered aluminum car = not a demo derby canidate.

So, long story short... car is still in NJ at a body shop getting a very good, fine toothed comb, estimate. My insurance didn't have an adjuster in NJ in that zip code so they are working off of the body shops estimate for now to see if it's going to be a total loss or if it's repairable.

Had the car in my possession for about 30 minutes. And what an incredible 30 minutes they were! I will be getting this one fixed and then back home to do what I had originally intended or they are going to total it out and I'll be looking for a new/used one. (don't get any ideas if they total it, I'll be buying it back from them, I know what they're worth)

So, that's it. It's quite a long read... quite a sad story. Just thought I'd share my story. Of course, the important thing is that I'm ok and can live to share this story with my fellow NSX owners and what is quickly becoming a nice group of friends and fellow enthusiast in my life.

Have a better day then me! :smile:
Wow! Man I am so sorry......I hope things will work out for you and keep your head up.
Good to hear you are ok in the end. Just look at it this way, you now have even a GREATER appreciation for life and the car/its abilities to get you out of a situation. Good thing you are insured. Regardless, you will be back in a NSX with a big smile on your face when you hit 8k RPM again. :biggrin:

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Wow, 30 minutes of bliss and it's all over. What a tease. At least it did'nt come through the windshield. Well hopefully it's not a total loss and you'll get some new AC parts out of the deal.:wink: How about some pics. Good luck.:smile:
Rain before shine. Hope you get your car back in better condition. Pamper that baby.
It sounds like there was no way to avoid the damage. I'm just glad you're okay. Some here would look on the bright side and tell you that this is a good opportunity for a 2002 face lift! And it well may be.

Good luck to you.
Sorry to read about this. :frown: But hey, look on the bright side, you could have been driving a 2005 and had spent over 70K with the same end result. Its a good thing you have insurance! Well, hopefully the car will end up in better shape than when you started.

Best of Luck to you :smile:
Sorry about your accident. Glad that you're OK. That's the most important thing. You'll get your car back.

What a story. Don't mean to make light of your accident, but it reminds me of that old story about a dog that was bilind in one eye, only had three legs and didn't have a tail. His name was Lucky.
wow, sorry about your ordeal. This was like reading a Stephen King Novel/soap oprea.....

Good Luck with repairs....
wow that sounded like what happen to me a few months ago. i bought the car from LA, and own the car less than 30 days (drove the car probably 3-4 times.) and got hit by a lady running a red light on Christmas eve. i sold the car after wards and just recently bought another one.
got any pics of the car?
In Excess, tragic story. I managed to miss a large gator (truck tire) on I-275 today. Could have been any of us...

"I found a person who had an NSX for sale. Salvaged/rebuild title. Car has been up and running since it was hit for over 8 years and had some minor mods to the motor."

Maybe jinks?
Maybe a track car to be?
Enjoyed your post about this.

Bought in Feb out of Northern NJ and actually entertained an action plan to drive it home via PA/OH. Reason then prevailed as Feb on the PA Tpk is no sure thing.
Hope the best for you.
Oh man. I'm so sorry for your loss. :frown:

Trust me. It looks bleak now, but you're still alive and it's just a machine that can be rebuilt.

You'll be back up and running in no time!
Seems that you do not have a belif in luck that you have got together with purchase of your NSX. All things will change, man! Please keep the faith!
Sorry to hear that. Seems I have read quite a few stories such as the one here where a brand new owner is in a major damage accident the first day they own their car. What is up with that?
Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck and hope this will be your turning point, glad to see you are ok, this all could have been much worse.

The cars value is probably about $30k+ despite what you paid for it if the title isn't salvaged. If they don't total it, it may work in your favor but if they do you may be buying the car for a little less then you paid for it and then have a salvaged title. At this point you may be better off taking the money and getting another one and save the difference so you don't reinvest that money into a salvaged vehicle, because then the value will never be what you put into it.

Good luck, I mean it. Keep us posted on your story and welcome to the community.

Your health is the most important thing. You were insured so your dream has just been postponed a bit... it isn't over. Good luck in finding the replacement NSX of your dreams, and drive it in good health.
Wow, second post in a month about the demise of a car within hours after purchase. Maybe I'll leave mine parked for the first thirty days.

Really sorry to hear about this, I know I'd be sick. I flew to NJ in 2005 to pick up a C6 Corvette and on the way home, some idiot in the right lane decided they wanted to get to the rest area that's in the median section. They crossed all four lanes of 70mph traffic and everyone just locked up their brakes, cars sliding every which way and so much tire smoke you literally couldn't see. I remember thinking my brand new toy was going to be twisted fiberglass before it was all over but fortunately when I jumped on the brakes, I also jumped onto the right hand shoulder just a second before a truck with its brakes locked up took out the lane I had been in. There was over fifty cars involved in that accident, turnpike closed for hours but no one killed.

I hope your insurance company doesn't try to screw you over since the car already had a salvage title. Hope you told them that when you insured it as some companies will not insure even a rebuilt title.

Good luck with it, either with its resurrection or with your hunt for a replacement.
Sorry to hear about this.
However, you make mention that you hope it's not a total loss. Isn't it already one as you stated it had a salvage/rebuilt title to it so apparently it has been wrecked already. It seems like it just keeps coming back for more.
Good luck with the insurance company issue. Hope it works out for you.
glad to hear your okay... just remember all good things come to those who wait!!!
Thank you all for your words of encouragement and concern on my physical condition. As I stated, I was more shook up and devistated than anything else. There is only 1 ME, but I can get another NSX.

So, here's the first update...

I had told the insurance company that it was a rebuild/salvage title so I'm in the clear there. I talked with them yesterday at length with my obvious concerns about who and what places of business touched or worked on my car.

When I got hit by the tire it was traveling towards me, as I, toward it. So, it wasn't so much that I ran over a flat piece of rubber on the turnpike but a whole tire shooting at me at 40 mph. As of yesterday, there wasn't an insurance adjuster in the area that I had the car towed to. So, my insurance company had the autobody place get me to give them the go ahead to start the estimate. Well, it only took them about 2 minutes before they called back and asked permission to start to remove the front bumper and fenders. See, after I collided with the tire, it of course wrapped up into the suspension and around the tires ripping apart the inner fenders and shoving the actual fenders themselves in an upwards direction. I'm just going to assume that they are going to suggest a new front clip (good luck finding one of those).

As of right now I am still awaiting the body shop or the insurance company to send me pictures of the car with the bumper (upper bumper, lower is already in recycling bin). The upper bumper cover is completely trashed as well. All the bolts and screws were ripped from it and the tire had slapped the top of it pretty hard so it was dented good on top as well. Luckily, the carbon hood looked as though it had not obtained any damage.

So, that's where I'm at right now and I'm just patiently awaiting some communication from the insurance company. I'll be sure to keep everyone informed and if they go ahead and total out the car, what should I be expecting to go through as far as what they offer me in value vs. what an NSX really cost? This, is my first accident in 17 years and my last one I was in high school and my father took care of it for me at the time. So, I'm a newbie in the accident reporting and insurance game. I have always had insurance but never used it or claimed anything. They seemed very respectful and were not asking me too many questions when I called and talked to them yesterday so hopefully they are a good company and will not try to weasel their way out of their duties.

I'll keep everyone informed as soon as I know more and have more information as to what they are deciding to do. Hopefully, they'll just total it out and I'll buy the car back and make it a track toy and use the rest for the down on a cleaner, newer, NSX.

P.S. The worst part is... this was the first time I could really post in the NSX Owners Forum and this is the story I have to tell... bummer.
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