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Exterior WTB Driver side rear quarter panel; mint condition, no dents

18 July 2020
Looking for a driver-side rear quarter panel for a 1998 NSX-T. Long story short, a 75-year-old man side swiped me last year claiming he was late for work. He was driving service van (GMC variant) and love tapped me. The aluminum didn't stand a chance though. Most of the damage was near the side light and the back area.

Had planned on getting it fixed right away via insurance, but the 3 panels that were shipped from the West all came in damaged. Not sure what was going on with the shipping, but I had gotten fed up and put it storage once the winter hit. Spring 2020 I was planning to try again and then the Rona hit. Shipping was neigh impossible March-April. I'm giving it another shot now that it is summer and things are opening back up slightly in terms of getting stuff shipped.

Anyway, color doesn't matter, although I do prefer a Kaiser Silver to match. Surface scratches are fine as it will be repainted anyway. I just need it to be structurally sound. Also I'm in Michigan USA around the Detroit area. The closer the better obviously. I'm willing to negotiate and work with shipping/logistical expenses.


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yes, i'm interested. What would be the cost. Curious how this could be shipped to California.
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