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WTB flip-up headlights (w/o motor)

6 April 2004
I know i dont own an NSX or even a honda ( anymore)...but rather a mk3 supra turbo.

Just wanted to say hey! I still want an NSX really bad...

I am however trying to find a set of early pop-up NSX headlamps ( without the motors) I am using them on my supra.

Here is a sample picture ( with the ok looking bomex front end):


and the inset style ( not for me though...it has bad light dispertion)

Help me out guys, I need to find a set of used ( but good condition) headlamps!

Here is my thread started back on supramania ( mk3 supra community)...we were hit by a hacker a couple of months back...we just are now getting all the information back on the site....big bummer...all that tech info was gone for a while!


-Jonathan Mann

[email protected]