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Exterior WTB Fromt Bumper Cover and Headlight Covers - Formula Red

14 May 2014
Mine have severe rock chip damage and clear coat damage (bumper). The body shop said the labor to correct would be more than buying a new bumper so I thought I would put a feeler out there just to see if anyone had a spare laying around.
You may try talking to another body shop. Used bumpers arent cheap and youll still have to repaint it to match.

Ok, I'll ask around and get another opinion. New bumpers look like they are about $1400 plus shipping and the paint on a new bumper and headlight covers was quoted at 1300 so right now I'm looking at 2700, maybe 2k if I found a really good deal?
I am not a painter. I have spent time around some shops, and from my experience your bumper can be resprayed. Do some hunting and find another few shops and have them advise.
I would look into a different body shop because that bumper is repairable. It might be 350-400 in just repair (not counting paint), any used bumper you buy will need to be sanded down and prepped for paint anyway.