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Exterior WTB NSX F16 canopy car cover

2 May 2010
Hi, I want to buy a NSX F16 canopy car cover (see attached photo below). I'm interested in new or used clean good condition. You can private message me or email me at [email protected]. Let me know if you have one for sale, thanks.

NSX F16 canopy cover.jpg
I am curious about these, as well. They seem quite rare. Haven't seen one for sale for years.
I acquired one when I purchased an NSX from a longtime NSX devotee. Hadn't really seen or thought about using one before.
Good luck to you in locating one. I have NO idea what they might fetch these days - was it a (Mark) Dali offered item during the late 90's when targa tops were the norm?
Hrant don’t make them anymore. I bought the last one but sold it with the car last year.


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There's a near-identical variant, a non-OEM accessory / generic, I've used for a 3rd gen. MR2-Spyder in the household. Good for dust, leaves, pollen, and occasional light rainfall. Fit the NSX canopy as well.

It was ~$10...

I believe the search criteria online was, "half cover" and "convertible cover."
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Bumping this WTB thread. That's what I'm looking for. Any cover that fits and protects the NSX's canopy top would suffice. Thanks!