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Yellow NSX Crash on Palomar Drive

4 February 2000
Chicago IL
I don't know when it happened or who was involved, but this was just posted on an RX-7 board here. Is this old news or did it happen recently? Anybody here involved? Anybody know?

Woah. I hope that wasn't last weekend's Palomar Run. There was some kind of run last weekend which I was invited to, but did not attend as it was a three year anniversary with my GF.
I believe there was a mix of cars there. Remember the thread I put together a few months ago about the Palomar Run I went on. If you recall, it's a very tough course with tons of switchbacks and cliffs... almost better suited for some 4WD vehicles like a WRX. Nothing but changes of direction.
It's actually 3 Ducati routes put together to form this 200 mile stretch up the mountain to the observatory (many blind corners) and a very long and dangerous path down the mountain. That weekend, we saw one bike almost wipe out around one of the corners. As we passed him he looked like he just had Death tap him on the shoulder.
hope this guy was alright.
Yes, m5150 is the one whose sig said "me want NSX, me 16 (no license yet), me no have NSX". But he's not the owner of the car.

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I hope that no one was injured. It's scary seeing a car upside down on the side of the road, especially one of our own.
According to M5150's post, no one was injured. That NSX was a 2000 too...damn, that sucks.

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According to M5150's post (which was dated Mar. 2001), no one was injured.

Huh? It sure looks to me like m5150's post on the RX-7 board was dated a day and a half ago...
Originally posted by Nsxotic:
Are you guys saying that that is an NSX?! It sure doesn't look like one to me. More like a Boxster or something.....

Todd, what are you smoking?? Look at the wheels, front side marker, exhaust, door, and everything else.
Crack, to answer your question. Normally I shoot it in the corners of my eye, but I decided to smoke it today. The only way it looks like an NSX is because the underside looks like a model I built. Otherwise, there is no length in the rear; it is round, no point to the nose, etc...... Tomorrow, when I'm sober, I'll stand on my head and look at my car.

Todd Arnold

Seeing a NSX upside down like that makes you appreciate the flat aero friendly bottom.

Many car designers don't take the time to smooth out the bottom.


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I was also wondering why there is so little damage evident. Maybe it just flipped in the air and landed right where it is, without rolling. If the ground was soft enough, maybe it absorbed some of the impact.Why no shots of it being towed out?
Damage on the bumper cover lip on passanger side, and the exhaust looks little, but enought to hit a high curb at very hi speed to flip over.

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What happened to the pictures? And it seems there are some messages missing in this thread that were there yesterday.

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Originally posted by Nsxotic:
Are you guys saying that that is an NSX?! It sure doesn't look like one to me. More like a Boxster or something.....

Yes, that is definitely an NSX. I've been putting together an NSX model kit for awhile and the underbody is exactly the same. It's amazing how much detail you can learn about your car while putting together a model.

How much in damage do you think the crash caused? Enough to total it?
I'm saying a prayer.
I can't imagine an NSX with any body damage. All the NSX's I've ever seen have been in pristine condition.
Now you've gone and given me nightmares...

Hey guys.

It was my car. No one was hurt in the crash, in fact I don't even have a scratch on me. Don't know about the car yet. I asked the other guys to take the pictures down until I had at least been contacted by the insurance adjuster. I don't know what the condition of the car is going to be. I will talk about it more after all the insurance issues are taken car of.


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Originally posted by Jimbo:
Many car designers don't take the time to smooth out the bottom.

It looks more like an attempt to maximize cabin area and headroom rather than for aero reasons.

I dont think it would have cost that much to add a pan under the gas tank if they were shooting for a flat bottom.
OMG, This is the other NSX that we have been seeing around the campus at UCI. Jack and myself were wondering who you were.. terribly unfortunate to find out this way.


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Very glad to hear that no one was hurt. In the end, the NSX, great as it is, is just a machine, and replaceable. We, and our friends and family, are not.

I look forward to reading the full story, once all the legalities have been taken care of. I'm sure it will be very educational.

-Bob ('94 #496)
Good to hear that you are safe and sound.
I hope they can put your baby back in one piece soon.
-Good Luck!

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Lud --

I think it's fair that the pictures should be removed for Matt's sake.

-- Chris


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What happened to the pictures?

They were removed from the directory where they had been located.

Originally posted by ScienceofSpeed:
Lud --

I think it's fair that the pictures should be removed for Matt's sake.

In case it's not clear - the picture I included in my post was not located in a directory under Lud's control. It was located in an external directory on someone else's website, to which my earlier post linked. Matt had the owner of that website remove them, and I'm sure we can all understand and respect that decision.

Good luck with the insurance issues, Matt...

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