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Yet another question from NSX newbie

23 May 2001
Oswego, IL
I could not find this in the FAQ so here goes. The air pump on my NSX does not work. The dealer will sell me antohther one for like $345 !?!!? My question is that is there anything special about the spare tire that requires the Acura Pump and not just a cheap PePBoys cigerete lighter pump? Thanks in advance.

Nothing special about the spare tire that requires the Acura pump. An aftermarket unit will inflate it just fine.

The OE airpump is cool because its small, lightweight, and occupies no trunk space.

Probably too late for yours, but I'd suggest you use it every once in awhile.

Manuel C
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For parts like this (where they don't involve service work) you might want to consider buying from Tracy Townsend at Gunn Acura. Great discounts. Info is in the FAQ under "Discount Parts".
good advice about using periodically, I have never used mine either.

just thinking out loud here, but if you plug it into your cig lighter do you have to have the key either in acc or on? that could be why your pump is not working.... no, I have never used my cig lighter either - not even for a phone, so I have no idea if power is direct or not.
When I bought my '91 used, my pump was also dead. I think the best solution is to goto Target and get one from there. I bought one that is a)just as small as the OEM b)rated to a higher psi c)has a nice gauge d)has attachments for different applications and e)cost about $25.

my 2 cents

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If you are really committed to a stock air pump, you might try a salvage yard.

Good idea. Such as ERZ Motors (see the Company Directory or NSX Junkyards sections of the FAQ).
Yep, Target had a pretty nice pump for 29.99. Wrong shape to fit in the tool space, so I just leave it in the trunk. Take care.

I purchase a "Mass Air" unit that comes very close to fitting in the stock cut out. It is the right thickness when laying on its side to allow the carpet to lay down flat so I used an Exacto Knife to trim the foam insert so it fits as good as stock. If you've never seen a stock one (and I have'nt) you would think it's the stock unit.