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Yokohama A022H0s no longer in production?

8 June 2001
Seattle, WA, USA
After noticing that my rears (on stock 17" 95+ rims) are in serious need of replacement, I put in an order to Discount Tire for a new pair. However, they just called me back to say that the A022H0 17" rears are no longer in production - Is that true?

If not, where should I be getting my tires?

If so, I still have a decent bit of life left on my fronts, so what rears would you recommend? I don't want to run different tires front and rear if I don't need to, but I'd rather not buy 4 new tires, as I'm looking at selling my car in the next few months.

They have been discontinued for a while and I think many here have switched over and are now using Goodyear F1-GSD3's all around for there everyday tire. The Tire Rack has the fronts on sale right now and the rears you will have to check the price and availability. Ohh one more thing is they dont make the exact size replacement but do a search to see what size everyone is using if I dont post back
I could no longer find Yokohama A022s, plus I wanted to get a little more tread life. Today my Goodyear F1 GS-D3's were installed. I got them from Tire Rack, and used one of their 5-star recommened installers. All went well.
Tire sizes:
205/45-16 fronts (vs OEM 215/45-16, which Goodyear doesn't make)
245/45-17 rears (same as OEM)

The front size was based on recommendations I got in this forum.

Tire Rack had less than 10 fronts in stock, so front and rears shipped from separate warehouses.

Total Price w/shipping:
$304.80 fronts
$372.72 rears
$175.27 local installer charge for mounting, balancing, valves, disposal fees

Goodyear had a $50 rebate on a set of ofur, but the last date to purchase was April 5 (By dumb luck I just made it ordering on April 2)

So far I haven't pushed the tires. But, I did notice less tire noise than from the A022s. Reviews both on this tires & wheels forum and in various magazines have been very good for the Goodyears.

'96 NSX-=T, red/tan

PS - After I placed the order via the web, Tire Rack called me and noted the fronts were not OEM size, with 5% less ride height. I simply said the size was recommended by NSX Prime as the best replacement.

The only technical difference I noticed is the load rating is 1074lb for the 205's vs 1168 lbs for the 215's. With little weight on the NSX front end, that's hardly an issue. Due to differences in tread pattern, the 10mm (0.4 inch) narrower tread width was not detectable with the tires up against each other.
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...245/45-16 rears (same as OEM)
$175.27 local installer charge for mounting, balancing, valves, disposal fees

Good choice!

Typo? Did you mean 245/40/17

$175 :eek: I'm paying $60 for internet tyres in a small but very good garage.
If you're interested in tires similar to the OEM Yokohama A022H, the OEM Bridgestone Potenza RE010 is still available in 16"/17" sizes, and they're in stock at the Tire Rack.

The Goodyear F1 GS-D3 is a good tire too.
I checked around, and at least in my area of NJ, $30 to $35 per tire for mounting and balancing a 40 or 45 series tires is the going rate. The shop used stick-on weights just behind the spokes of the rim for the outside and standard "hammer-on" weights on the lip of the rim for the inside. Wheels were re-installed via torque wrench, not an impact wrench.

There was one place $5 cheaper per tire, but I noticed one irate user complaining about chips in the rims afterwards. It wasn't worth $5 per tire to take that chance.:rolleyes:

Where did you get 4 tires done for a total of $60 including mounting balancing, valves, taxes and recycling fees?

'96 NSX-T, red/tan