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Your best 1/4mile time?

Litespeeds said:
Those are very fast times and mph for only I/H/E. Do you still have your cats on your exhaust? Ever dyno your car? I bet you must be putting out around 275 hp to the rear wheels with those trap speed. Is the track that you ran it at below sea-level? :confused:
Yes the cats were on the car when I made the runs posted above. I have since removed them and swapped the 5-spd for a 6-spd but have not had time to get back to the track. I am hoping the car will be in the 12’s with the new 6-spd since the second gear lag is gone. The only problem is that I will now be in 4th gear instead of 3rd when crossing the line.

My car seems to be one of *those* strong 91’s. Stock (with the exception of 18” aftermarket wheels that are a little heaver than the stock 16" wheels) the car dynoed a little over 250 rwhp. I then re-dynoed the car last year at NSteXpo with CT E/H/I where it put down around 270 rwhp. That also happened to be the highest dyno of the 12 NA cars we dynoed that day.

A post of my dyno sheet can be seen in this thread

The above times were run at a track in Baytown near Houston…the track is about 25’ above sea level.

I have only been to the track twice. The times posted above were far better than the first time I went. The first time the car was stock and I can’t remember what it ran. I believe it was somewhere around 13.6 @105 but I don’t have the time sheet anymore. I still have my time sheet from the second time I went. I saved it because I was so excited that I ran in the low 13’s. :biggrin:
Litespeeds said:
Those are some very good numbers for a bone stock 04' NSX. Looking forward to going out with you next time you go to Infineon or Sacramento.

Yeah for sure!!!! now i just need to get a wednesday off @ work. :smile:
Maybe Spartan23and and a couple more NSX buddies would be probably be interested, We'll may do a North West Meet.

For sure next time we go i'll remove the spare tire, tools and also have 1/4 tank of gas. :biggrin:
"Dont forget to wear your Helmet"
Ekman said:
Post your best 1/4mile time and trapspeed here..*ex 14.34@89mph* And your mods of course..

2002 NSX T with IHE, Weight reduction, now down to 2800 pounds, 4.235 R/P, C-Tech light weight fly wheel/clutch, 285-30-18's on rear Potenza SO3's.

12.4's @110 mph
11.3's @121 mph with nitrous (100hp)

Both time slips where before another 90 pound of weight reduction. This 90 pounds of weight reduction was from the addition of TI rotors. I feel an easy .2 of the time slip will be on the next pass.
Unless you have drag slicks, you won't be able to dump the clutch. I let it slip from around 2800-3000K rpm and make sure you take off traction control. You have to get the feel of your car and know exactly where the point of spinning the tires and maximum grip. I think every car is going to be slightly different depending upon the tires and supporting mods.