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your thoughts about these

#3 is an auto, does that matter to you?

#1 and #2 seem pretty comparable, but maintenance history is unknown or incomplete, so a PPI would be required before making a determination.
JH4NA1186TT000132 looks like a nice car, then again I like red/tan. It appears to have spent most of its time in Grand Junction, Colorado in the hands of the same owner (1996 - 2008) before it was sold to this dealer and listed at $36,900 last fall. I guess the current owner didn't like it much as he/she is selling rather quickly. I find their ad a little odd, not know whether it is the front or back has been repainted? I would certainly ask some probing questions about this car and get some experienced eyes to check. That guy's phone number pops up on a lot of different car forums too, so I am not sure if he is a dealer or just someone who buys and sells a LOT of different cars.
never in my NSX have I thought shifting sucks at times.

even in rush hour
this is my contact with the one i picked out

Me buyer

I would like to see some pictures of the car,
If it looks good i will pay to have an inspection at nearest acura dealership
i'm looking to buy a nsx now

working on a filmnow dont know if i will have time to drag the car all around,
but photos i can provide

Pictures would be great and any other info on the car.
I live way down south, so I would need an inspection before I buy.
I am a cash buyer.

What I would like to do if everything works out is to set up an escrow account and release funds when transport truck shows up to load the car.
But if you can send me some pictures that would be a great start


thanks but, sounds too complicated,,,when i saw it I just went to the bank an paid up...any deal would need to be wire transfer/ cash / cashiers cks - on local bank like bank of america. when check clears car can be picked up... not before.... too many scamers out there.

Ok this is strange to me.
it seems he would want me to look at pictures and wire him my money to CA form Mississippi --because too many scamers out there
I still have not seen any other pictures.
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If not a scammer, the seller seems pretty clueless and does not appear terribly motivated in selling. Send him the following link, and do not send money without escrow (and PPI).


The Escrow Option

This option works if you are selling a used car to an out-of-area buyer (common in online transactions): www.escrow.com. Escrow.com reduces the potential risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects, holds and disburses funds according to Buyer and Seller instructions. Escrow services are provided by a licensed and regulated escrow company.

  • It accepts various forms of payment, but keep in mind the process varies depending on how the buyer pays.
  • This is the best way to go if you are dealing with a foreign buyer, too, even though some people say wire transfers are safe.
  • You don’t ship the used car until Escrow.com tells you the funds have cleared.
  • The funds are released to you when the buyer accepts delivery.
That #1 is questionable. been on craigslist for months, several different though similar prices? several different locations? I tried talking with the guy months ago. Just got to weird a feeling to continue. If you could get a local primer to check it out, it might be good. Sometimes the sellers inability to communicate, make it impossible to do business.
I just got off the phone with the owner,
He seems legit, his a bit older and has been in the movie car biz
he said the only problem he can think of is the passenger door wont lock or unlock with a key but will work with remote

he bought the car from a guy in colorado
new clutch
no timming belt service
i will keep posted

Any members live near thousand oaks
vertura county ?
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i could run an automatic, but it just doesnt seem right in an NSX

I mean Shifting can be a pain in the butt at times

I just bought an AT NSX. It is different than my 5 spd and still a great, fun car to drive. My 2 cents.