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Youtube 2-part series on how to Dis-assemble and Wiring a Double DIN radio/amp in NSX

15 October 2003
West coast!
For anyone looking to install a Double DIN Radio and need a custom CF dash panel or installation advice, please check out this 2-part video series as we take you through an actual install on a 1991 NSX.

If you have any questions you can ask here or shoot us a PM! Be glad to help and hopefully with these videos it will inspire some of you to do your own stereo install :)

Part I:


Part II:


Enjoy and please give us any comments on how we can improve! We will be documenting many of our NSX stereo installs so if there's something you want to see please ask and we will try to include it in a future video.

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happy friday!

Any questions please feel free to post here and our team will try to get you an answer when time allows! :)

Some sneak peeks of our new 100% CF knee bolster and we will soon be offering a matching CF glove box too!

here's a picture of the test fitting on our NSX:

Happy Holidays!

We now have our annual Black Friday sale that has officially started TODAY and will run through end of November....PM us with anything you may want or visit our website and social medial here:


We recently sent a dash panel to a NSX customer and he did a nice review of the product here:


We are here to support all NSX owners so questions feel free to ask, we have some dash panels ready to ship. Delivery times are looking pretty good!

thanks again for your support in this difficult year.

EB staff

Happy Holidays!

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PM us for orders and quotes, we are producing these as fast as possible and every owner will get an email with tracking once the item ships. We have been slowly working through our backlog and promise it will be worth the wait!

Some photos of actual product installed on NSX:

(we install everything we sell so if you are local to the SF Bay Area contact us for an appointment!)

One of the best perks of our job is we get to work with awesome NSX owners on a daily basis!

Recently we had a super low mileage 1997 black NSX stop by for a stereo upgrade, he wanted to retain all his OEM parts for safe keeping so all of the OEM trims were replaced with our full carbon bespoke MATTE finish trims. We upgraded his stereo completely with new speakers, JL subwoofer, JL audio amp, and the latest Alpine ILX-407 app radio.

We offer full audio solutions for any NSX owners and we install tons of stereos here in house so if anyone has questions or need advice don't hesitate to shoot us a PM!

happy holidays!

Added a new video to show you how to install and replace the OEM knee bolster with a CF replacement:


Check out our full NSX collection here including CF aero / CF Rock Guards, etc:


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Our fitment is top notch with ALL OEM screw points and a lot of OEM dealerships buy from us for their customers as this is the BEST solution on the market. We also offer this in MATTE finish by special request which matches the OEM color tones a bit for a more low key install.

We have many videos of NSX related installs on our Youtube channel here:


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here is a great independent 3rd party review by a well known Youtuber John:


As always we are here to help so any questions feel free to call or email us!


thanks for your support!
Month of February, new month, another new video!

This one covers a 1995 NSX that we carefully upgraded all the stereo parts and added carbon goodies to match:


here's another NSX we show you how to install stereo and many other cool parts! Subscribe to our channel as we usually have a new NSX DIY video each month if not more!

hope this helps
EB staff

For those asking, in a flush mount design, the integration is seamless and clean. The advantage of this type of setup with our full carbon panel replacement (shown here in MATTE) finish it blends in nicely with the OEM trims. Subtle yet modern. We build in an slight upper lip at the top so it helps with the glare reduction.

This video shows you some of the installation work for the stereo parts and knee bolster:

questions feel free to ask here or shoot us a PM or email anytime! We have done more stereo installs than most shops combined over the years.

thanks again
EB staff
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here's another NSX stereo install using our full carbon matte panel. We give you some tips on wiring the new Kenwood DD radio to the car here:


Do you have to send in your original dash to be modified for a double din one? Or do you guys have full carbon ones already made ?

We already have Full Carbon Fiber DD dash panels ready to go. We sell both Matte and Gloss versions. Only the Matte is in stock right now if you need something right away. (normally the matte is an extra charge premium finish), see sample here in video:

Questions email or PM us!

[email protected]
2002 Spa Yellow NSX project car:

Check out the stereo setup on this car as we went with:

Alpine ILX-507 Deck
JL Audio 4-channel amplifer
Hertz MPK component speakers
JL Audio 6W3 in a very trick custom footwell enclosure with no loss of legroom!