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  • Hi can you move the thread I started in the Do-it-yourself Section under “making the Cut for LED’s” It should be under NSX Electronics (including Stereo, Multimedia, Security, etc.) my mistake sorry about that
    Timothy H
    Shad check out some infrared photos in the northwest thread on 8-22-08, I took these of my comtech headers and shots of the thermal images of the stock manifolds after a 35 minute drive to have them installed and then the after shots taken after the same 35 minute drive home! About a 70F drop in underhood temperature! On my atlantic car the same treatment lowered the temp under the engine cover over 150F! You have to go with the finishes at 2000 degrees for the race cars and street if you drive hard as the other coating finishes @1300F will burn off due to exhaust gas temperatures in excess of 1400-1500 degrees during wide open throttle and I'm sure you have seen these temps on the dyno of engines. Have a good day! Rick
    Shad, thanks for checking out my car; hopefully it's not a big issue.

    You guys have a safe drive home!

    I might still need your help on the comptech pro suspension spacers for the front. will PM you later.
    need to talk to you about a car you've worked on.
    When and where is the best place and time to call ?
    Thanks brother.
    Jim Cozzolino
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