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  1. HondaDreamS

    !!NEED!! LH A/C Condenser 80111-SL0-A02 RESTORATION

    Hey Guys! Help me Save another nsx. Have found most parts but the condenser in good condition has eluded me. any help appreciated please email [email protected] 80111-SL0-A02
  2. N

    A/C Compressor

    I am selling a used A/C compressor from a 91 NSX with 78K. It appears to be in good condition, and worked when removed. Price: $175 + Shipping of choice...(or pick-up in Greensboro, NC) Terry (703) 477-2244
  3. NewEra

    Interior AC Control Unit - Face only

    Selling a used AC control unit and display from my 1993 NSX. A few of the buttons are a bit worn, but they all work, as do the dials. Just the control unit portion, does not include the rear half. $200.00 shipped to lower 48.
  4. K

    Thank you Ben (redbird92) and BrianK for fixing my A/C issue

    Ben, thank you for taking the time to fully diagnose the root of my A/C issue and fixed it. You sir are incredible!Briank, thank you for working with Ben on my issue. I really appreciate all you did for me and fellow NSXersI finally got a 100% working A/C in the NSX after 6 years of...
  5. KrayziE RussiaN

    Interior A/C Climate Control Unit (used) great working condition (previously fixed)

    Sold car, selling extra parts: This until works great! The only issue is the plastic "ears" on either side of the front section broke off and the two pieces can no longer be joined (unless you glue them I guess). This unit was repaired by BrianK about 5-6 years ago. I had it saved as a spare...
  6. M

    Anyone know where i can get my climate control repaired?

    Anyone know where i can send my climate control to get it repaired? it only goes off on full blast, and i don't believe the a/c is working either i saw a bunch of ads up on ebay, trust worthy?
  7. T

    Passenger side carpet wet, drain hose NOT clogged?

    Alright, so I noticed the other day that there was some condensation that blew out of my vents when the inside of the car was quite hot. Other than that, the A/C works fine. Of course the condensation went away in a couple of seconds... no its not a heater core, just water vapor. So, I pulled...
  8. Jason-nsx

    Need help with A/C issue on 1996

    Hello, first time poster. Purchased a 96' nsx off my father. Amazing shape, 30k miles and love it. I read some threads regarding various issues with the a/c. Someone had mentioned the exact problem. A/C only works when set on high speed, but even then the fan kicks on and off. Sometimes shuts...
  9. PhAnToM

    Interior A/C Center Vent

    Hey guys I'm selling my cracked A/C center vent. The top bracket is broken (as you can see in the picture) due to age that made it brittle. Could be used for incorporating gauges or other things above the vent. $60 Shipped to lower 48.
  10. F

    A/C Stone'd Shields: pair - black - New

    SOLD New, never installed pair of Dali A/C Stone'd Shields for 1991-2001 NSX. Black. Location: San Diego. $30, includes shipping within contiguous US
  11. A

    AC Problem

    It's hot as hell in Texas and my AC is having issues. When I first start the car it takes about a minute for the fan to start blowing. Once it starts blowing its fine, but the delay seems to be getting longer and longer. 1 minute may not seem long, but in 100 degree weather (inside of the car...