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  1. S

    1997 NSX - swapping factory exhaust

    Hello First time post, bought a 97 NSX in Nov of last year and love it, but wanted some more noise and went with the recommended stainless exhaust. Once removed the factory and started to mount the new exhaust, the O2 sensor is in the way...any suggestions? I know you will want name of...
  2. C

    Exhaust ARK Stainless Steel Exhaust

    For sale: a used ARK stainless steel catback muffler and exhaust. Based on photos, I believe this is the DT-S model, but I can't see any model numbers on the unit itself - hence the vague title. Used, but in excellent condition. Sold as-is, no explicit or implied warranty. Asking $700 plus...
  3. C

    Exterior Fitted NSX Car Cover - Silver - excellent condition

    For sale - aftermarket NSX-specific car cover. Fits perfectly and has elastic in the edges to keep it snug to the car. FITS LIKE A GLOVE. Protect your NSX! Exterior is silver, interior is white felt material to prevent scratching the paint. Thicker, sturdier material than OEM car cover...
  4. 02#154

    Bt35-HON Bluetooth adapter for OEM stereo

    Does anyone know if the subject item works on our OEM stereos? J
  5. E

    Used Aftermarket Black NSX-R Floor Mats - Fair Condition

    For Sale: Used Floor Mats in Black with NSX-R embroidery (driver's and passenger's) Condition: Fair - needs some cleaning and has wear around driver's pedal area Location: Las Vegas, NV Price: $75 shipped obo
  6. Nero Tenebre

    Question: 02 Headlights

    I've looked around and noticed that aftermarket alternatives for 2002 headlights have just about become extinct nowadays due to high failure rates. My question is: are there any still available, and why can't you just use a reliable electronic ballast to substitute for the unreliable ones...
  7. M

    Aftermarket headers, Comptech or DC?

    For sale are the headers that came on my car when I bought it (1992 NSX). They are an early Comptech design. Please note that I was not able to pass CA smog with them, they are off my car since I replaced them with a new set of CT Engineering headers, which enabled me to pass smog. I'm hoping...
  8. enkrypt3d

    FS: ARK DTS Exhaust

    For sale is my used ARK DTS exhaust with single tips on each side...UPDATED asking price is $650 OBO... I will post pictures as soon as I get it off the car this weekend. SOLD SOLD SOLD!