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  1. 8kallday

    Suspension WTB: CT Engineering Front Offset Camber Bushings

    I'm looking for a set of front offset bushings designed to be pressed into the front A-arms to add static camber. CT-Engineering Part Number 160-030 PM any time... I'm feeling pretty desperate! 😬
  2. N-Wing

    Thom Ayotte Camber Kit Full Installation Instructional Video / DIY

    I created this independent thread to so it would be searchable easy and have all the right Tags. Summary: If you want to install a Thom Ayotte Camber Kit, this video will walk you through it step by step. Good luck. PM with questions. Updated Video. Just a small spelling error. Nothing...
  3. N-Wing

    Question: Rear Camber Kit Install. Thom Ayotte Kit.

    FINAL UPDATE - If you ever need to install a Thom Ayotte Camber Kit. Here is how: https://youtu.be/vLzffbYHuPQ ORIGINAL POST BELOW Summary (updated): Am I correct that the kit has simply changed some over time and these parts now have "collars" on them? I think I have now aligned this to...
  4. N-Wing

    WANTED: Camber Kit - For Lowered Car

    UPDATE: I have the rear kit in route. I'm now looking for a FRONT kit. I'm looking to get a hold of a camber kit for a lowered car to get back to street compliant alignment. I know it's a tough one to run down but I figured I would give it a shot on this while I continue to look. PM Me.
  5. 03 raw nsx

    Suspension FS - Ayotte - rear camber kit - used

    For Sale: Thom Ayotte rear camber kit - used $400 shipped. Pictured is the kit that is for sale, the ones in the arms. I will supply new bearings and sleeves. I had the black anodized ones made, so I don't need the other ones. Please PM if you have any questions.
  6. 03 raw nsx

    Group Buy Camber Kit designed by Thom Ayotte

    Hey guys, I want to have a machine shop make this camber kit, since it is no longer being produced. If you are interested please let me know. I'm not doing this for profit, but just to offer a solution for anyone with a lowered car. please read more here...
  7. KR inspire

    Suspension BNIB CT Engineering Competition Front Camber Bushings

    I have a set of CT Engineering Competition Front Camber Bushings still sealed in the package. I no longer have a NSX so I have no use for these. Located in So. Cali 626/562/909 Area. Price is Firm. $210.00 picked up $220.00 shipped For More Info...
  8. U

    camber on '94 nsx

    hello Primers - i am working on the details of a purchase and had a question regarding the Camber on a lowered 94 model - the current camber specs are as follows: FL -2.10, FR -1.52, RL -2.40 RR -2.80 - stock specs suggest somewhere between -0.83 to 0.17 on the front and -2 to -1 in the rear...
  9. Speedmaster

    Critique these alignment results...seeking more camber

    So, had the car driven by an NSX tech today. His guidance was for me to work on the camber on the front to manage the slight braking pull (to the right). Or, at least start there. Here are the results of the alignment. Am curious, if I put a camber kit on the front to get them both to say, -3...
  10. L

    Camber - toe in - lift angle for 18'' wheels

    Hello there, I'm Luca from Italy :smile: I'm in serious difficulty to set the right CAMBER - Toe In and Lift angle parameters for my NSX 18' - 8J wheels I've fit on front 215/35/18 - 8J Pirelli P Zero Nero on rear 255/35/18 8J same Pirelli tire. On attach pic the front and rear spacers...
  11. truckadsjoe

    Camber kits, is there interest in them?

    I am thinking of producing Camber kits for the NSX . I have a set of them that a machine shop can reproduce if there is a demand for them? So my thoughts are to get a feel for how many would be ordered? If we order a group of ten kits the 4 pcs would be $250.00 per kit. that does not include the...
  12. C

    Rear wheel stock camber angle

    Hi I just replaced my rear tires since the inside shoulder had worn down to the belts:eek:. Rathern than retire another set of Dunlops early:mad:, I'm planning to have the rear wheel camber angle reset as the car is clearly sitting on the inside edge of the rear wheels when you view it from a...