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carbon fiber

  1. Exterior 1991 NSX TR S2Carbonworks wing

    S2Carbonworks TR style wing. In great shape with minimal imperfections. No longer needed as upgraded to an aftermarket downforce wing. 600$ CAD not paying for shipping. Comes with mounting hardware and wiring for brake light.
  2. FS: ATR Racing Dry Carbon Rear Bumper Beam

    Hello, I have for sale an ATR racing dry carbon rear bumper beam. I purchased this from another member but it was never used or installed as my plans have changed. This piece is installed in place of the heavy OEM piece. It weighs just a little over 4lbs! Please do your research as to the...
  3. mchang

    Interior Carbon Fiber Armrest + JDM H LOGO Steering Wheel

    Have the following for sale, and I am over my photo upload limit and can't seem to delete old photos so please click the links to see photos of each. Location, FUllerton, ca 92835 area code contact: text me at 714 ei8ght 8ight six 789 TOO Item: Carbon Fiber NSXR center arm rest for na1 SOLD...
  4. FS: ProCar Carbon Fiber Cruise Control Kit

    Hello all, I have for sale a used ProCar Carbon fiber Cruise Control kit. It comes exactly as pictured with everything needed to install including the original instructions and prefabricated wiring. The kit is in good shape and I've applied a ceramic coating to the carbon fiber. The rear...
  5. mchang

    Interior ProCAR CF Arm Rest na1, Lecher CF Door Sill Covers

    Carbon Fiber Center Arm Rest NA1 Location: Fullerton, ca Contact: text - 1 ( se7vn 14) 88 6ix 789TW0 Item: Carbon Fiber NA1 Arm Rest Price:$300 add for shipping no scratches or any real flaws. not showing fading or clearcoat failure. Looks very nice with carbon fiber center console trim...
  6. FS IL:02+ Downforce NSX-R Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

  7. NSX1145

    [1st Gen] NEW! SCW NSX Full Carbon Radiator Cooling Panels

    NEW! Full carbon fiber radiator cooling panels for NSX. After selling hundreds of our aluminum cooling panel, we've decided to make a limited run of 100% carbon fiber panels. These are hand crafted from the best composite materials, vacuum infused, and extremely light weight. No fiberglass...
  8. Anyone tried 3D Scotchprint carbon fiber wrap?

    The edges of the dark grey film that finishes the center console and door panels where the window switches are is beginning to bubble on the NSX-T and I was thinking of changing the center console and door panels to a carbon fiber effect. I've read some of the posts where owners have used real...
  9. Exterior Pair of Brand New Seibon CF Fenders

    Have a brand new set of Seibon CF fenders that I need to sell due to the high shipping cost to Japan(Weird, right?, importing parts from America). $700, Local Pick Up preferred but I'll compromise if you really want them. It'll just take a little bit of coordination since the fenders are located...
  10. Yawwn

    Exterior WTB: 2002+ OEM or aftermarket parts to update my 91

  11. Exterior Backyard Special Spoiler - Brand New - Extremely Rare

    Brand New - includes mounting hardware Very rare and difficult to get Price: $2250 shipped UPS Ground Insured (+paypal fees or gifted)
  12. Exterior Seibon Carbon Fiber Spoiler **NEVER USED**

    Beautiful, never before used Seibon Carbon fiber spoiler! The carbon fiber weave is so intricate and detailed. A must have for any first and/or second gen NSX owner/enthusiast. This will define your NSX as the most unique one around. You will turn heads and exert pure aggression with this SPORTY...
  13. Pole2Flag Carbon Fiber Center Console

    Hey Primers! I'm back! I guess it's true - you can never truly leave the NSX ownership experience! I owned a 1996 Berlina Black NSX-T about 7 years ago, but I'm now the owner of a 1993 coupe, also in black. It's been a long journey since my first NSX as I've gone through many newer cars since...
  14. For Sale: Downforce Carbon Fiber Intake Cover

    For sale, one (1) Carbon Fiber Downforce manifold intake cover in Glasurit clear coat. This item is an original Downforce item (SN: 111870) purchased one year ago. I installed it on my NSX about 6 months ago and it's been sitting in my garage ever since. The cover is in pristine, like new...
  15. Center Console Inquiry

    Has anyone had any experience with the following individual? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLcWAL-dYNQ I found it online and it is what I am looking for. A Double Din console with the ash tray in tact. The video and any info on it is extremely vague and looks to be possibly across the pond...
  16. mchang

    Exterior Taitec Carbon Fiber Canards for Taitec Front Bumper

    Hi, I am looking for the two upper Carbon fiber canards for the Taitec Gt Front bumper. I was able to purchase the two lower canards from Shine, but they do not produce the upper canards. let me know if you have any for sale. thank you
  17. redtide

    carbon fiber side mirror set f1 style

    here is a pair of carbon fiber f1 style side mirror (left and right) for sale. brand new never installed. decided ill just paint and use original side mirrors instead. i forgot the brand, i think its craftsquare. $220 + shipping to 48 for the pair. carbon fiber looks great and not cheap at all...
  18. PrideExhaust

    1 of 1 made Carbon Fiber Engine Cover (OEM style)

    Hello Primers, I have a brand new 1 of 1 made All Carbon Fiber top engine cover made by Seibon Carbon. Since this is an all carbon top cover, it cost more to produce versus the partial one with mesh that is currently available. For more questions please email me [email protected] or PM...
  19. NSX GT

    WTT: CF R-Type Hood VIS trade for 02 rear valance

    Looking to change up the look of the car and need 02+ OEM / DF / Seibon rear valance in good condition. Wiling to trade my 91-2001 CF R-type hood still in great condition and good fitment.
  20. PhAnToM

    Interior FS: SoCal - CF Center Console w/ NSX-R shift boot

    *PENDING SALE* Hey everyone! I'm selling my center console with an NSX-R mesh shift boot and a free Nitto sticky pad. This was my "for-the-meantime" replacement until I was able to piece together a new oem center console. This console deletes the radio and was intended for anyone who removes...
  21. brand new Status carbon fiber backed seats

    *sold** *sold
  22. comptonassdaniel

    Carbon Fiber Center Console from sduffass

    Just bought a carbon fiber center console and vent from Stephen. He kept me posted the whole way. I'm impressed with the quality as well. Feels a lot heavier and sturdier than stock. My original unit was cut by the previous owner and was broken in half, so I went this route. It took a...
  23. 8kallday

    Exterior APR GTC300 Adjustable CF Spoiler + Fiber Images NA1 CF/CF Hood

    Good Day Ladies and Gents, This sale posting is for: $900 1x NA1 / NA2 APR GTC300 Adjustable CF Spoiler (the entire assembly is roughly the same weight as the much smaller/denser stock NA1 spoiler). This is the 67" inch wide version, recommended for the Stock body NSX. It mounts directly to...
  24. NSXFXL

    NSX spoiler/wing

    Is installing the custom carbon fiber spoiler/wing something I could do myself or should it be done by at the bodyshop?
  25. MINT: Downforce NSX-R Style Sports Diffuser Plate

    Mint, NSX-R Diffuser carbon fiber "ALL years" $500.00 + shipping, paypal Thanks, - Frank