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  1. N

    NA2 Catalytic Converter

    Selling both of these shipped to CONUSA $1000, will entertain reasonable offers. Low miles and honeycomb is in perfect shape! Let me know if any questions
  2. J

    FS: High Flow Cats w/Adapters

    FS: High Flow Cats w/Adapters. *SOLD* *****SOLD***** Hello all, I have a pair of high flow cats with adapters that I used on my 05' with a Taitec exhaust and stock headers. These should fit 97+ model years and the included adapters allow these to fit 02+ specifically. I'm not sure how long...
  3. Aero Z

    97-99 NA2 Stock OEM Catalytic Converters

    I have for sale stock OEM cats that fits 97-99 NSX or can be used for NA1 with header upgrade. Price is 350 OBO picked up in SoCal or can ship at buyer's expense. Pm me or text @ 267 391 6764. Thanks for looking
  4. XV2

    Can i use a 98 Cat on 95?

    Hey guys, This is my first post, but I have viewed many and have gotten a lot of good information from this site, but this is one thing i can't seem to locate. I have searched the site extensively and could not get a definitive ruling. I have found conflicting information stating the 90-95 cats...
  5. drewdeezee

    Exhaust Prospeed 300-cell Cats

    Prospeed 300-cell high-flow cats pulled off a 1994 NSX. It was on the car for about a year and a half / ~7k miles. I failed the smog test with these on. I removed them and replaced them with my OEM cats and easily passed the retest. Therefore I am selling these cats for the price of test...
  6. Track Addict

    92 Stock Cats for sale

    I am getting an exhaust on my car this weekend and am trying to sell off my stock cats. They're coming off of my 100% stock 92 nsx with 90K on them, they work perfectly, no issues whatsoever i just want to get some extra cash for my new exhaust. I am looking to get $550.00 shipped obo for both...
  7. D

    91-94 Stock Cats

    These came off my 1991 NSX with 97k miles. Works greats, passed Ontario emissions with ease. They are missing the heat shields as they got butchered when they were removed. $200 + shipping. Pick up available in the GTA.
  8. Prospeed

    New prospeed prestige 100 cell sport cats for the nsx!!!

    UPDATE PROSPEED PRESTIGE 100 CELL SPORT CATS FOR THE NSX! We have expanded our new line for Prospeed Prestige High Performance Sport Cats! We now offer a 100 cell Sport Cat for the NSX. This is ideal for anyone looking to maximize performance for their Naturally Aspirated or Forced Induction...
  9. enkrypt3d

    FS: OEM Cats / Manifold and O2 sensor

    I am selling my OEM cats with about 80K miles on them - and OEM manifolds with all connecting pipes... This does not include spring bolts, so you'll have to find those separately... $300 OBO for everything! One of the cats has a new O2 sensor in it, but I could not remove it so I am throwing...
  10. Prospeed

    91-94 Used OEM Catalytic Convertors

    91-94 Used OEM Catalytic Convertors for sale! The cat's had 65,XXX miles on them when they were removed. They are in perfect working condition. Removed for Prospeed Hi-flow Cats. These cats are perfect for someone who wants to pass smog and replace their old cats. Asking $250 + shipping. PM me...
  11. AdventureNSX

    Wanted Damaged Catalytic Converter's

    FOUND> Please lock thread Wanted Damaged Catalytic Converter's **Need to have the triangle mountings attached at both ends** Any in Bad Condition, preferably not working or lightly damaged. I will gladly pay shipping to Oklahoma, Zip 74074. I already have a good set. I want to do some...
  12. Prospeed

    FS: OEM Catalytic Converters for 91-94 NSX

    FS: OEM Catalytic Converters for 91-94 NSX I have a set with 65,xxx miles on them. Passed CA emissions with them last year. No problems guaranteed. Asking $250 plus shipping cost. PM me if you are interested. Thank you!
  13. midlifecrisis

    OEM Catalytic Converters (Cats) '91 to '94 NSX

    Set with 60 k miles, no rattles. Just passed emissions in TX. $250 plus shipping