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    Tuned an NSX-R GT with ITBs!!

    As maybe only a small hand full of you already know I work at Trackforged. Even in the automotive performance industry a well built NSX is still just as exciting as it is for most people. anyway enough of my blabing, we tuned Dan's NSX last week and I through a few clips together and put it on...
  2. Prospeed

    DYNO DAY in May!

    DYNO DAY IN MAY! Hi Guys, Lately a lot of NSX'er have been contacting me about doing another Dyno day. If you guys are interested in dyno test in May add your name to the list below. Looking to have a max of 4-5 cars tops. Dyno testing will be done in Ontario California at Bisimoto...
  3. J

    Dyno tuning autowave fort lauderdale 6/20/09

    Dyno Tuning by Mike Lapier from Autowave in south Florida fort Lauderdale area on Saturday June 20th. I decided to fly in Mike from autowave to see what kind of horsepower we can pull. If you know NSX's you know about autowave. If not you can check them out at www.autowaveinc.com or contact mike...
  4. Prospeed

    Interested In A Dyno Day 2.0?

    Hi Fellow NSX Primers! I wanted to organize another Dyno Day within the next few weeks. I'm looking at Sat May 9th. I will update everyone soon with more info as it comes. Please, if you are interested add yourself to the list and what you wish to have tuned or if you wish to baseline your car...
  5. wahoo5

    Dyno Day in Richmond

    The Virginia Motorsport Club is having a Dyno Day at Performance Autosport on 2-28 beginning at 10:00. Three pulls for $55 if we get 10 cars and $65 if we don't. Includes printouts and A/F. There will be at least 1 NSX (mine). Details are here -...
  6. S

    Dyno Discounts for NSX Prime members!

    New St. Louis area Dyno Shop with discounts for NSX Prime members! I’m not on Prime much these days because I stay pretty busy between work and racing Spec Miatas with my brother, but I still have and drive my 91 with CTSC, AEM, 6-spd, and lots of other parts, and the ’93 twin-turbo is...