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  1. Big McLargeHuge

    Powertrain New NSX Front Cylinder Head & Valves

    Hello all, Up for sale is a new (with box) NSX front cylinder head, including A/T-spec springs and valves. I believe it was produced in Oct. 1999 according to the date stamping. EDIT: This is an 3.0L spec head with 35mm intake valves, would require modification for the 36mm intake valves on a...
  2. Powertrain WTB: Water Pump, '91 NSX

    I need to purchase a water pump assembly for my 1991 NSX. I think the OEM part # is 19200-PR7-305. Thank you.
  3. Arkaid

    OEM Engine Mounts Filled w/ Urethane

    SOLD For sale is my spare pair of OEM NSX engine mounts that have been filled with urethane via the Cedar Ridge Fabrication kit. I somehow have two sets of mounts and can only use one at a time obviously, so don’t really need these.. As mentioned, the mounts are the OEM Honda ones that have...
  4. chussey

    3.0 C30a crankshaft inspected and ready for use

    Have a used 3.0 crankshaft which has been inspected and is ready for use. Standard size journals. Very hard to find item! No longer available through Honda in the USA. All work was performed by Marine Crankshaft in Santa Ana, they're one of the best in the world and deal only with crankshafts...
  5. Seibon Carbon CF Engine Cover Lid

    Seibon CF Engine Cover. There are predrilled holes for the prop and mount. Also comes with a custom bracket for the strut if it doesn't clear strut brace. Just some minor scratches and a small chip. Local pickup only for now in SF Bay Area. $450 ​​​SOLD
  6. chussey

    WANTED: 3.0 or 3.2 OEM Connecting Rods

    Looking for used OEM 3.0 or 3.2 Used Titanium Connecting Rod(s) in good shape. Let me know what you have!
  7. chussey

    Custom Urethane High Performance Engine Mounts

    For sale I have a set of four engine mounts with custom made urethane inserts designed and installed by Prothane in LA. Prothane also made a full custom set of urethane suspension bushings for my NSX that work and feel awesome. I am unsure of the hardness/durometer of these mounts, so I am...
  8. chussey

    Magnesium Engine Cover

    One magnesium engine cover. Some scratches and scrapes, as shown in photos. The scuff in the middle of the top goes into the metal a small amount, it wouldnt take much to fill in before repainting. $250 shipped
  9. chussey

    Engine / Motor Mount

    One NSX engine mount for models with a manual transmission. In great shape, still tons of life left. $120 shipped
  10. water leaking into engine bay

    hey Gang, I am not an owner as of yet, but have been looking for a while. I have inspected 2 cars for purchase and both of them have had water sitting in the engine bay cover tray. Is this normal? I passed on the first car because of this issue- I was buying the car from a distance and had an...
  11. armyLT

    C30 engine parts - intake, heads, cams, and more!

    LOTS OF Engine parts for sale from a NSX C30 engine. All are in good condition. Any reasonable offer will be considered. PM me and we can start working the details! Thanks Prime! NEW PRICES! Parts selling like Hot Cakes! Heads: $1,500 + shipping obo Valve Covers: SOLD! Cams: $450 Intake...
  12. Stevon

    Sleeved Engine and NA1 parts for sale

    $3500 - firm 86mm sleeved NA1 block (Can be bored up to 95mm+) complete with heads for sale. Its apart in boxes but everything is there, crank, cams, heads, valves, etc. Purchased for a fun project. Shipping extra! Money order or check only, sold as is. The car is gone and sold with the original...
  13. sporteknik

    New NSX Model / Engine Code

    Does anyone have any insight into the model / engine code of the new NSX? 1991-1997 Engine Code = NA1 (Used c30a engine designated by the VIN number J4HNA1xxxxxxxxxxx) 1997-2005 Engine Code = NA2 (Used c32b engine designated by the VIN number J4HNA2xxxxxxxxxxx)
  14. chussey

    Need NSX engine to build a crankcase oil scraper.

    Hey Guys, I've been talking with a performance engineering firm in Central Florida who is interested in building a crankshaft oil scraper for the NSX engine. This would allow for better oil control and crankshaft balance due to removal of excess lubricant. The part will be available for...
  15. Powertrain WTB: C32B Motor

    so may have spun my rod bearing on my 2002 nsx... may possibly be in the market for a C32B motor
  16. chussey

    WANTED: Blown or Damaged Engine blocks, heads, transmissions, parts.

    Looking for any NSX engines or transmissions, whole or for parts. Blown or damaged units are Ok. Let me know what you have! Thanks!
  17. Zsolti - Hungary

    3.0L Engine - Complete

    I'm looking for a complete NA1 3.0L engine in good condition, preferably with low milage
  18. Velocitized

    Powertrain Engine C30 Long Block C30A1-1303014 from JH4NA1159MT002934

    Up for sale is the old engine from my 1991 NSX. I bought the NSX with a bad motor, I was told the motor had a spun bearing. It also had low compression on the two passenger side rear cylinders, 50 PSI. They started the motor for me before I bought the car and you could hear the rod knocking...
  19. Stevon

    NSX Engine Build

    I'm looking to build a reliable NA engine with a little more power and have a few questions. Have built about 50 engines in my life from Chevy to BMW and 911 Porche racing engines (SCCA 2.0 ltr class). My 95 engine has a weak cylinder and it's time to plan a new engine. Rather than lay out $15...
  20. randomharmony

    Powertrain WANTED: 3.2L NA2 (c32B) Engine & transmission ('97-'05)

    I am looking for the 3.2L NA2 (c32B) engine and transmission ('97-'05). I am located in the bay area, feel free to contact me @ 408.480.3886 or by email.
  21. CTSC, Supercharger, Transmission, Heads, Engine Short block, Comptech Headers

    Please close this thread Please close this thread. I've sold some items, added more details and pics to separate threads for each specific part.
  22. Stevon

    NSX R type Mesh Engine Cover

    NSX R type replica mesh engine cover in excelent condition. Fits all NSXs EXCEPT T-Top models (engine bay is diferent), made of fiberglass and aluminum mesh. Rubber edge gasket needs to be used from your engine cover. Asking $475 plus shipping, mounting hardware less hinges included. Make...
  23. swimmingpie

    CCU fan controller works with engine off, not when running

    I just recently repaired my climate control board on my '91, replacing all the caps and fixing any damage from the leaking goo. Before the fix, the fan only ran on high. Everything works perfectly when the engine is off and the unit is running from the battery. The fan will run at all the...
  24. More Polished Aluminum Engine Parts

    Used Polished Dali Billet Coil Covers '91-'94 **SOLD** Postal MO, Cashiers Check or PayPal (add 3%). US sales only please. Thank you.
  25. truckadsjoe

    WTB 99 NSX T 3.2 Engine ECU

    I need an Engine ECU for a 98 or 99 3.2 MT engine. What is available? will other years fit? I am putting it in a 99. but the engine is coming from a 98. and I am not savvy enough to know if there is a difference? Thanks