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Sleeved Engine and NA1 parts for sale

21 November 2004
San Diego
View attachment 126556View attachment 126558View attachment 126545View attachment 126548View attachment 126549View attachment 126561$3500 - firm 86mm sleeved NA1 block (Can be bored up to 95mm+) complete with heads for sale. Its apart in boxes but everything is there, crank, cams, heads, valves, etc. Purchased for a fun project. Shipping extra! Money order or check only, sold as is. The car is gone and sold with the original motor. This engine was purchased from an engine builder who built the engine but was not allowed to "tune it" The car owner burned the pistons through the crowns running too lean or NO2 too long. all the pistons were destroyed, some with holes burned through them. I bought the engine from the shop apart . The heads were disassembled and cleaned and checked for cracks/warpage, tested OK. I tried to find out who sleeved and what type of sleeves were installed. Have never gotten an answer from the seller (machine shop). I have the entire motor apart in boxes. You will need at least new pistons. I recommend boring and changing the undersize 86mm bore size to stock (90mm) or a bigger bore (95mm) and buying new pistons. Maybe someone who installs sleeves can determine what type they are. You will need the skills, knowledge and/or a qualified machine shop to put this together (it is not a running motor) This is one of my projects that I will not be completing :frown:



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Still for sale. I have done an inventory of the engine parts:
1 sleeved engine block (86mm bore).There is some damage found in one bore. Over boring and new pistons will be required. There is plenty of meat to over bore with these sleeves.
2 valve covers
4 rocker shafts
4 Cams
1 Bag keepers and spring tops
Cam retainer brackets and hardware
Rocker arms
Cam bearing bolts
LMA lifters
Rocker arms
Front Crank cover and oil pump
V-Tek solenoids
Rods and Pistons
1 Dampner pulley
Head bolts
Set of valve springs
Set of valves
Set of head bolts
Set of Crank bolts
Set of Crank journel caps
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