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Powertrain Engine C30 Long Block C30A1-1303014 from JH4NA1159MT002934

6 March 2008
Portland, OR
Up for sale is the old engine from my 1991 NSX. I bought the NSX with a bad motor, I was told the motor had a spun bearing. It also had low compression on the two passenger side rear cylinders, 50 PSI. They started the motor for me before I bought the car and you could hear the rod knocking really bad. I found a replacement motor here on prime from a member who got into an accident and parted his car out. Thanks Prime!

As the title states: This is a stock 3.0 Liter, C30A1-1303014 from my 1991 NSX VIN: JH4NA1159MT002934. The car/engine had about 78,000 miles on it and the engine had the Comptech supercharger on it. I am asking $1,500 for the long block, heads to oil pan does not include flywheel or $500 for each head and $500 for the short block. I prefer to sell it complete. I have not taken the engine apart any more than what you see in the pictures except for removing the valve covers. Under the valve covers the valve train looks really clean.

Contact: David @ 4O6-2O2-4123 or [email protected]


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