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  1. A

    New show about cars and racing PETROL

    Hey guys just wanted to share a link to a new series I created that also features a nice silver NSX if only for a second in episode 2. We just released episode 1 and 2 yesterday and have had a great response from our local car groups in Toronto, thought I'd share it here as well. Episodes are...
  2. MTHRiduz

    An Interesting Morning Featuring a Ferrari F40 and a Porsche 959

    It was the best day of my life to see both of these rare cars side by side. Big thanks to Ed and Ediddy for making this happen!!!
  3. NSX69

    NewsDay on the Original NSX

    Honda's groundbreaking Acura NSX influenced Ferrari, challenged Lamborghini, Porsche Photo credit: Honda | The Acura NSX had VTEC variable valve timing, titanium connecting rods, all-aluminum body and suspension. Does this sound like a 25-year-old car? Nope. Acura's NSX has run circles...
  4. oscar_driver

    2013 12 Hours of Maranello Madness! - Epic Photos - MoyanoPhotography :D

    On a typical FCA - South Florida fashion, a pretty Epic day, with TONS of Action @ the track and oh so many amazing cars all over the Palm Beach International Racetrack! To see all Photos (but here are some of the best!) : All Photos: FACEBOOK LINK...
  5. oscar_driver

    Eye Candy Supercar Photo selections! - Enjoy it <3

    Howdy, here are some of my favorite cars I had a honor to somehow take some photos of them, I call it " That .... " ... I know is lots of annoyingness with the copy behind + Photoshop + some will hate, is fine, I do this for the enthusiasts like me :D You can see the entire set in here...
  6. oscar_driver

    Miami Exotics & Espresso March 2013 / Some sweet shots!

    HI, I went last weekend to a local event here in South Florida with Miami Prestige. I took some photos! To see the entire album please come here: http://www.moyanophotography.com/automotive/exoticsespresso313/ ( you will not regret ) But here are some selections! :D...
  7. oscar_driver

    2013 Sebring 12 hs - Mini Coverage inside

    What a great experience, to see these machines alive and flying was a honor! Per tittle, I wasn't there all day, but here are some of my favorites: ALL PHOTOS HERE http://moyanophotography.com/automotive/sebring2013 This sequence was pretty wicked! So is this the time...
  8. oscar_driver

    Some of my Epic Rolling Shots

    As some of you know, I have been taken photos for a while, then finally I decided to make a series just for the rolling shots .. I know some photos are dramatic/Photoshopped but that was the whole idea, pure drama, so it is a honor to share with you all! Whole SERIES are here: Moyano...
  9. oscar_driver

    Fort Lauderdale Ferrari Run + Exotics + NSX :)

    Last weekend we had a very fun bbq @ the Ferrari Fort Lauderdale dealer, then a cruise to the Dolphins Stadium for a private tour, it was a hell of fun, of course, my red NSX came :) and here are some of the pictures :) Enjoy...
  10. oscar_driver

    My Automotive Photos - MoyanoDesign

    I will start upload every once in a while in HERE, this thread, all my personal favorite pictures/sets of really worthy cars that I had the privilege to photograph! I am very limited with my camera but a better equipment will come soon, still, I would like to share some of my favorite sets :)...
  11. S

    NSX EXHAUST Ferrari F-1 sound, sacrifice $600

    Hi, I sold my 95 NSX and still have the exhaust I bought with the car. I paid $1100 willing to sell for $600 +shipping. Prefer pickup in Redondo Beach, CA. Sounds amazing not too loud at all and deep, many compliments on it. Not sure the brand maybe Taitec light weight. I found the adapter that...
  12. C

    2010 Ferrari 458 Italia: "Have we met before?"

    With the launch of the 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia, it seems like everywhere I turn, I encounter more articles or video clips of how this car is like the "second coming"... While the car is definitely visually pleasing, I couldn't help but wonder where I have seen that car before... you know, that...
  13. oscar_driver

    South Florida Toys for Tots 09 • NSX's inside • 56K no good

    Another year, another great Run, 185 cars registered, we had like 50 cars didn't show due a heavy rain in Miami, still, we were @ least 135 cars, been NSX's -roughly- 15 of them. Our cars proudly represented NSXPRIME and our community of NSX owners, bringing Toys for the kids in need is always...
  14. S

    Supercar Sensations next AUTOCROSS Event!

    Supercar Sensation's next Autocross Event will be on Saturday June 6th @ Z-MAX Dragstrip! ENJOY MUSIC, FOOD, AND SOME OF THE WORLDS HOTTEST CARS!! THIS EVENT IS FOR AGES 18+ KIDS IN FREE WITH REGISTERED ADULT! Prices for the autocross event ranges from $40 - $250 depending on how many...
  15. P

    Florida Exotic Car Show Pictures (Naples)

    Full Article, Pictures, & Video Here: http://www.exoticsandluxury.com/naples-fer...show-5th-avenue Enjoy :) Pictures: [/url] [/url]