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  1. J

    FS: New Topspeed Titanium Exhaust

    Hello, Name: Jason Location: Illinois I have for sale a new unused Topspeed titanium exhaust for the NSX. This was ordered without the blue cannisters. Per Topspeed: "NSX 91-96 / 97-05 Dual Canister Catback Exhaust System with Dual 89mm Tips* Please Check Bottom Special Note: Made of100%...
  2. J

    1995 NSX OEM Muffler - Connecticut

    In very good condition. Came off a ‘95 Acura NSX with around 30k miles. Located in Milford, Connecticut. Willing to ship anywhere in the US/Worldwide. Buyer pays shipping. $550 Follow me on instagram for more NSX parts @nsxplug
  3. Kumpg808

    ***Circuit Werks twin tip Muffler***

    Selling my Circuit Werks muffler. Bought it brand new March 2019. Put only 1500 miles on it. (I live on an island so I dont drive far) It's in great shape and fits perfect. Sounds and looks amazing. Going back to stock look. Asking $1000 OBO including shipping with ConUS. Online new sells for...
  4. S

    1997 NSX - swapping factory exhaust

    Hello First time post, bought a 97 NSX in Nov of last year and love it, but wanted some more noise and went with the recommended stainless exhaust. Once removed the factory and started to mount the new exhaust, the O2 sensor is in the way...any suggestions? I know you will want name of...
  5. S

    FS: Comptech Exhaust V1

    Selling a Comptech V1 Exhaust. Everything in great condition. V1 has a slightly deeper sound than the V2 and V2.1 From what I know, the V1 is fairly harder to come across. Just switched up my exhaust setup, nothing wrong with the exhaust other than some scrapes on the bottom of the tips. $500...
  6. V

    Exhaust Circuit Werks exhaust

    Hi selling my Circuit Werks exhaust system. 3.5" exhaust tips. $500 Located in Houston, Texas.
  7. C

    Exhaust 2002 OEM Muffler (no tips)

    2002 OEM Muffler NA2 (no tips), 24k miles, all oem heat shields in good condition with light scuffs. Pick up preferred - SOLD!
  8. M

    Exhaust OEM1991-1992 Tips wanted.

    Hello friends, please help me to find good stock exhaust tips for NSX 1991. Thanks a lot.
  9. Kevinskyynsx

    Comptech Exhaust Too Quiet

    Hey Prime! So I recently was browsing E-bay and came across a used Comptech exhaust for sale, any way I wanted something to spice up the tone and didn't really do any research before i purchased it :tongue:.. Well I just had it installed and its just not loud enough for me. Now all I did was...
  10. PghMiller

    WTB: Pride V2 exhaust

    I'm looking for a pride v2 exhaust for my NA1. PM me if you have one or know where I could get one.
  11. chussey

    Exhaust Test Pipes, Stainless with O2 sensor bungs

    SOLD Exhaust Test Pipes, Stainless with O2 sensor bungs SOLD! Stainless exhaust test pipes. Have extra set of O2 sensor bungs, great for wideband tuning. $145 shipped OBO
  12. Prospeed

    Prospeed NSX Sport Exhaust System

    PROSPEED NSX SPORT EXHAUST SYSTEM Hi Primers, We are again proud to introduce another exciting product to the NSX community. We have spent months design and developing the new Prospeed Sport Exhaust System. Originally I had envisioned a X-pipe designed exhaust that was light weight, free...
  13. C

    Exhaust catalytic converters $300

    Pair of OEM cats Catalytic Converters off a 1991 NSX w/ 51k miles, will fit 91-94 w/ no adapters necessary, will fit any year with the correct adapters... found here http://www.daliracing.com/v666-5/cat...cfm?focus=1859 or here http://www.daliracing.com/v666-5/cat...cfm?focus=1860 you'll...
  14. B

    1998 NSX OEM complete exhaust syst for sale

    1998 NSX OEM exhaust syst for sale Hi, I am up to sell my OEM 1998 exhaust manifolds and Cat Back. Both are in great shape w/o damage. Everything have been professionally removed. I’ve installed SOS Headers and GTLW. I will accept pick up or ship to US/Canada. ( From Montreal )...
  15. Nick675

    Corsa Exhaust anyone?

    So I've been doing a lot of research on exhausts for the NSX. More importantly an exhaust that does not drone, sounds good and isn't that heavy. In regards to this subject I really thank Dave(Mac Attack) for spending the extra time researching how drone and sounds can be affected. Especially...
  16. Prospeed

    Prospeed Prestige F1 Exhaust System for NSX

    PROSPEED PRESTIGE F1 EXHAUST SYSTEM Hi Guys, I've been wanting to build an F1 sounding exhaust system for our NSX since I first got my car. There's nothing like that aggressive exotic sound that comes from a properly tuned exhaust. I don't know about you guys but when I hear a Ferrari or...
  17. Prospeed

    FS: TAITEC GT Lightweight Exhaust for 91-96 NSX

    SOLD!!!! Lock please Prime! Thanks again NSX PRIME!

    95 OEM Muffler, Exhaust manifolds, pipes & shields- $125

    1995 Factory muffler $150 10/13 REDUCED to $100 + S&H with rare factory original ‘Coke Can’ style tips **Great condition** 1995 Factory exhaust manifolds, pipes & shields $25 + S&H All were removed from car at 36K miles. Email me at [email protected] or call 314 581-8000 for quicker...