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  1. Nsxbae

    NSXPO 2023 Registration Opens Friday 06/09/2023 @ 6PM EST

    =AZXzqhmzY-qu-NP7hue5DB9IK1zUZrrWVAPmcWcBLRr94LfYRVAsvtjOUrPPVlRr7DSxFFM4_g_8wvZO2ax3U65frl4BBkn2uBQ1XvCbiPTx9o3Av0D-wgm2xjEw_gGd-M8cowqUIO4hYRz-6aLEceYj&__tn__=-UK-R']NSXPO 2023 - Atlanta Set your alarms NSX Owners — That moment so many of you all have been waiting for is finally here...
  2. Teej

    ANNOUNCEMENT: NSXPO2022 Registration Is Coming Soon

    Head over to www.nsxca.org and make sure you are a member of the NSXCA. You MUST be an active member of the NSXCA before you can complete registration for NSXPO 2022 It is highly recommended you secure the membership at least a day before you register for NSXPO 2022 Please register with an...
  3. K

    NSXPO 2018 HPDE Novice slot available

    I can no longer go to the HPDE event. A novice slot is available. Let me know if you'd like to take my place.
  4. jcbadcura

    NSXPO 2017 Photography- Halston Pitman/Honda Jet Shoot

    Hello All- Since this info. was buried in another thread, I'll post this to make everyone aware of where they can find the photography done by Halston Pitman. As mentioned in the other thread, this includes the HondaJet shoot, the HPDE and much more! Halston was commissioned by the NSXPO...
  5. flabuf

    Florida, Atlanta, Marysville, Elkhart Lake - NSXPO 2017 Caravan

    Alright guys, here we go (the first thread was probably way too early). I'm driving up from Sarasota to Elkhart Lake. My intention is to leave Sarasota on the 1st of September and make it to Atlanta the first day. (maybe hook up with NSX're extraordinaire Eifel Chin for dinner) A 7 hour ride...
  6. dezmanwong


    Only 3 weeks away!!! :smile: The pic below is just one of the potential routes. Oct 8th. We'll leave in the morning sometime and arrive in palm springs noon-ish. WHO'S IN? (1) DW (2) BJ (3) TH
  7. flabuf

    NSXPO 2014 photos-

    I'm looking for photos for the NSXPO's of years past - starting with 2014 but open to all years. Let's create a phenomenal album! 2014 2013 2012 I know I have more === let's see what you guys have!
  8. 03 raw nsx

    NSXPO 2014 Ohio

    Anyone considering going....... I am seriously considering...But I don't want to drive there. Is anyone going to ship their car? I would rather ship my car and enjoy the event, than drive and be tired. Maybe we can load a carrier from the bay area SF Bay Area - Please chime in!! Rich Wong
  9. syndicate

    Mid-East NSX Meet; Raleigh, NC; May 2nd-4th

    Come out and exercise your eternal sportsmind in beautiful Raleigh, NC Friday May 2nd - Sunday May 4th at the Mid-East NSX Meet. This is a product of the NSXPO 2013 "After Dark" group that hit the streets each night after the day's festivities were finished. This is a great opportunity for...
  10. XPEL

    NSXPO 2013 by XPEL

    First off, I want to thank everyone for welcoming myself and XPEL to the NSXPO this year. I had an absolute blast and it's always nice to meet a good car enthusiast crowd. I also want to thank-you for trusting us as the preferred paint protection film of the NSX. I have finally had time to sit...
  11. flabuf

    NSXPO 2013 is officially announced...

    The NSX Club of America Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the NSXPO 2013 will be held in the beautiful capital city of North Carolina on October 11th thru October 16th. The Social Event in Raleigh will be Friday October 11th thru Monday October 14th (Columbus Day weekend). The...
  12. Track Junkie

    NSXpo 2012 HPDE Registration NOW OPEN!!!

    Thanks to all for your patience while we did our due dilligence in making sure our budget and preparations were in order -- I'm extremely excited to announce that Registration for NSXpo 2012's HPDE Track Event is now OFFICIALLY OPEN!! Come one and all and pass the word to all your friends --...
  13. Track Junkie

    NSXpo HPDE Instructors Needed

    Ladies and Gentlemen,<o></o> NSXpo 2010 is a scant 2 months away and we are in need of additional qualified instructors to assist at the HPDE at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch at the end of October. Whether you are an NSXCA certified instructor from years past, a certified instructor...
  14. L

    NSXPO Commercial

    Check out the NSXPO 2010 Commercial. Let me know what you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXBXi1di7oY