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NSXPO 2013 by XPEL

16 December 2003
San Antonio
First off, I want to thank everyone for welcoming myself and XPEL to the NSXPO this year. I had an absolute blast and it's always nice to meet a good car enthusiast crowd. I also want to thank-you for trusting us as the preferred paint protection film of the NSX.

I have finally had time to sit and edit through the gobs of gigabytes from the weekend and it is done. 190 photos and an 8 min video later.
NSXPO on blog.XPEL.com

Here are a couple of the photos, the rest are on our Facebook and the blog page.

YouTube Video
Great post Mike... Glad you came along for the ride.... Hope you come each year now.
Great video of the event - thanks for doing it. Can't believe I missed it - so geographically close (son chose that particular weekend to get married . . . ). Great job on the pics and video.
Thanks everyone! We are planning on coming back next year, and no reason to think we won't keep coming back.

jaybird, it was a blast! But if you're going to miss that's a pretty good reason. Hopefully the video and photos will help you feel like you went. Thank-you for your kind words. I had a blast myself not even being an NSX owner or getting to drive one!