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  1. Brylek

    Memorabilia ***SOLD*** NSX tall / long oil filters

    I have 4 original tall oil filters, I am listing them as memorabilia. $200 shipped takes all 4. Honda part number: 15400-PL2-004 [email protected]
  2. N

    Headers NA2 NSX OEM Headers

    NA2 NSX OEM Honda Headers 97-04 with OEM heat shields Popular upgrade for 3.0L NA1 NSX, OEM Perfect Fitment Guaranteed. $900 Greater Tampa, St.Pete Area
  3. K

    Wheels ***SOLD*** - MINT_OEM NSX Wheels (2002-2005)

    SOLD - These are excellent condition OEM NSX wheels that will fit 2002-2005. These original wheels came in beautiful chrome finish and show no signs of curb rashes or scruffs. The tires will come with the wheels, although they are in good condition the age/year is dated, just Fyi. Please email...
  4. Track Junkie

    OEM Parts

    Garage/Moving Sale, no desire to move them! All parts in Boulder, CO from a '92; Prices shown do not include shipping. Pics attached in the following order: Rear Rotors (2) - $100 Exhaust Manifolds w/Shields (front and rear) - $350 Rear Brake Calipers (2) - 400 (sorry no photo, can get one...
  5. J

    1995 NSX OEM Muffler - Connecticut

    In very good condition. Came off a ‘95 Acura NSX with around 30k miles. Located in Milford, Connecticut. Willing to ship anywhere in the US/Worldwide. Buyer pays shipping. $550 Follow me on instagram for more NSX parts @nsxplug
  6. B

    Wheels OEM 1995 Acura NSX wheels with tires

    Original NSX owner selling original OEM 1995 Acura NSX wheels with new Continental Sport tires as a set. Wheels include Acura center caps. Owner replaced the OEM wheels with new wheels on the NSX. The OEM wheels are in great condition, original finish with light wear (the car has...
  7. kuni

    Exterior Trunk lid with spoiler

    OEM trunk lid with spoiler and LED. I'm not sure the year of the car this came from, or the exact color - looks like Sebring Silver but not 100% sure. No peeling or any major blemishes but it's not perfect, there are some small chips here and there and a few small scratches on the underside of...
  8. J

    Wheels Wtb: 02-05 oem wheels

    Hello, As the title specifies, I'm looking for a set of decently priced 02-05 OEM wheels. Please pm if you have a set you're willing to sell.
  9. S

    OEM radio non-working or shell

    I'm looking for a faceplate/ shell or non-working gem radio. Thanks!
  10. N

    97-01 OEM Springs (51401-SL0-961 F/52441-SL0-961R) & Bilsteins on 91-94?

    Hi all, Has anyone tried the combination in the title? If so, would you please share your insights and what you thought of it? Currently trying to find OEM springs to un-lower my 92 and wondering if anyone has tried using OEMs from later years on the early cars. Looking mainly to get back to a...
  11. Arkaid

    OEM Engine Mounts Filled w/ Urethane

    SOLD For sale is my spare pair of OEM NSX engine mounts that have been filled with urethane via the Cedar Ridge Fabrication kit. I somehow have two sets of mounts and can only use one at a time obviously, so don’t really need these.. As mentioned, the mounts are the OEM Honda ones that have...
  12. nsxnemo

    Interior 2000-2005 OEM Stock Seats Perforated Leather in Black

    '00 - '05 OEM stock seats original leather in onyx black. Driverside and passenger seats with rails and seat buckles. $3800 shipped within the US.
  13. M

    Oem Clutch/ Lip/ Sway bar sets For Sale

    Hello, I am listing a couple things for sale tonight. The first item being an oem clutch for a 91-96 car, as many of you may know, this part is discontinued from Acura. SOLD - Clutch disks have 85-90% left, the outermost layer of fibers is still exposed/ you can feel it with your fingernail -...
  14. K

    2002 OEM NSX WHEELS AND TIRES + CENTER CAP- Excellent condition w/ Advan tires

    These are 2002 Acura NSX OEM wheels in very good condition. Wheels are balanced there are No bent, no crack, original finish. Three (3x) of the wheels are in very good condition with no curbs at all! There only one curbs on only one front passenger wheel/ see pictures. Tires: Yokohama Advan...
  15. C

    Exterior GA: OEM Rear Spoiler

    OEM Rear Spoiler with working light assembly. Minor scratches on rear portion (see pictures). A good polish/paint correction would fix all swirl marks on the wing. Part is located in Columbus, GA. Price: $800 PLUS SHIPPING. Local pickup preferred.
  16. C

    Exterior GA: NA1 OEM Lower Rear Bumper

    NA1 OEM Lower Rear Bumper. Needs Paint (and Filler on right side). Structurally Sound, no cracks or holes. All mounting holes still intact. Part located in Columbus, GA. Price: $80 PLUS SHIPPING. Local pickup is preferred.
  17. C

    Wheels Mint 2002-2005 Forged OEM Wheels WITH Dunlop Direzza Star Spec 2 tires (like new)

    Hi NSX Primers, I have finally decided to sell my set of OEM 2002-2005 NSX wheels WITH Dunlop Direzza Starspec 2 tires. These are the original, highly desirable FORGED wheels that are uber-hard-to-find. These are in near mint condition with some miniscule areas of curb (less than 1/4 inch...
  18. lileasy123

    OEM Black Leather Seat Skin

    I have re-skinned my seats and have a set of used OEM seat leathers for sale that came out of my 92 NSX with 138k miles. Leather is probably a 7/10 (drivers side) with large wear spot on bolster, and probably 8 or 9/10 for passenger leather but in overall Good condition (much better than most...
  19. N

    Wheels WTB: 94-02 OEM Wheels

    Looking for 94-02 OEM wheels. Preferably with tires but open to just the set. Thanks.
  20. Robo

    Exhaust WTB: OEM NA2 3.2L Exhaust

    Hello all, I'm looking to purchase a used OEM NA2 3.2L exhaust. I have a USDM 1998 with a 6 speed. Unfortunately the exhaust I have now is too loud for German registration inspection, so I need something quiet. Thank you! My email is: [email protected]
  21. transdzn

    Rare Original OEM NSX Bag and Car cover

    I cleaned up my storage unit and found this inside. It's the original OEM NSX bag and car cover (car cover is torn at the edge). I'm getting the bag dry-cleaned this weekend and will provide more pics. I've seen these go for $800 just for the bags. First $600 gets this rare item (shipping...
  22. dreamerstudio

    Exterior Garage Moving Sale

    —MORE PARTS ARE COMING SOON!!— Selling front end parts, side skirts and rear spoiler from 1992 White NSX I've sold 7 years ago. ALL parts are AS-IS. Body parts needs new painting. Prices are for pick-up only. (I've made some change due to needs of separation.) Turn signal covers(?) - 100.00...
  23. T

    Interior OEM Bose Radio

    #3[/URL] 33333]© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap Ulloa (google map) condition: fair make / manufacturer: Acura I recently upgraded the radio in my '94 and no longer need the factory radio. It was working when I pulled it but it has a few issues: 1. The display isn't working. It...
  24. T

    Interior OEM Bose Radio

    I recently upgraded my radio and no longer need the factory radio. The radio is functioning but it has a few issues: 1. No display. The display is completely blank and it won't display any station info at all. It will tune into all the stations, You just have to 'know' which station you're...
  25. MITA Motorsports

    OEM Honda / Acura NSX Caution Label Set

    Brand new OEM Honda NSX Caution Label Set. This set is meant for the early generation NSXs. So please be careful. As time progresses, NSX labels become worn out and starts peeling throughout the years. Especially for the air filter region. Although it is not needed to replace it; it does not...