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  1. Arkaid

    Interior OEM Ivory Seats, $500 - SoCal

    SOLD Up for sale are my OEM Ivory seats. I purchased these from a local owner and was going to use them for an interior project, but I ended up not needing them. The seats are in fair condition overall - the passenger side is in good condition, but the driver's side seat has seen better days...
  2. Si Espanol4Yes

    Moving Near SoCal; Tuning Options?

    Soon, I'll be making my way from the east coast to beautiful and lovely Fort Irwin. I'm not excited at all about this move to this destination, but I'm moving past the denial stage and more in to acceptance. The roads around the area look much more entertaining than central TX, so that's a...
  3. H

    NSX/S2K Beach Cruise May 1st

    I am new to this community and I haven't seen any posts on this yet. The s2k_Socal group is organizing an NSX and s2000 beach cruise to Huntington Beach May 1st 2016. This will be the 3rd beach cruise they have organized. Their Instagram account will post more details soon! Has anyone been to...
  4. dezmanwong


    Only 3 weeks away!!! :smile: The pic below is just one of the potential routes. Oct 8th. We'll leave in the morning sometime and arrive in palm springs noon-ish. WHO'S IN? (1) DW (2) BJ (3) TH
  5. L

    SOCAL NSX Smog Test Questions

    My 1991 NSX with 80000 miles is having problem passing the smog test. This year's CA emssion smog test form ask me to bring the car to special STAR smog station for detail testing. Car is modded with Tubi Exhaust and sport cat. Very certain car won't pass as is. Wild thought about asking...
  6. Track Addict

    Socal Primers, please help my little sister go to Paris

    Hey everyone, Some of you know my little sister Samantha from the drives last year and some don't. http://samanthaanaya.wordpress.com/ Samantha is currently attending school at Brooks Institute for photography in Santa Barbara and happens to love the NSX community. She is extremely...
  7. drewdeezee

    Exhaust SOCAL: 1994 OEM Exhaust Manifold and Muffler (Free / pick-up only)

    1994 OEM Exhaust Manifold and Muffler (Free / pick-up only) Price is firm at $0.00 Pick up only, located at Glendale, CA 91206.
  8. myf16

    Stock Yoko A022's from my garage in sorcal

    Price reduction! Here's the southern California list to go with my earlier northern California list. Two garages, with plenty of tires in each one. These are all Yokohama A002H's, which are out of production and available only from my garage, assuming that nobody else stacks Yokos to the...