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  1. 7

    Exterior 1991 NSX TR S2Carbonworks wing ***SOLD***

    S2Carbonworks TR style wing. In great shape with minimal imperfections. No longer needed as upgraded to an APR downforce wing. 600$ CAD not paying for shipping. Comes with mounting hardware and wiring for brake light.
  2. S

    APR GTC300 Wing with I's Impact Subspoiler

    Just switched my wing setup so my old spoiler is for sale. It is an APR GTC300 custom fit for the NA1/2 NSX. Wing uses an Aerogenics stand with BCL hardware to clear the I's Impact subspoiler. Will come with the original APR stands and hardware as well. The wing was carbon but the previous...
  3. C

    Exterior GA: OEM Rear Spoiler

    OEM Rear Spoiler with working light assembly. Minor scratches on rear portion (see pictures). A good polish/paint correction would fix all swirl marks on the wing. Part is located in Columbus, GA. Price: $800 PLUS SHIPPING. Local pickup preferred.
  4. TXvsLV

    Exterior Nsx race wing

    Anyone selling a High Downforce Wing for the NSX please text me ASAP. (832)439-1858 thanks Scott Adams
  5. I

    WTB: Big wing

    Looking for a Big wing. BCL, APR, etc.
  6. SlipAngle1979

    Exterior Kognition Dry Carbon Wing for NSX

    Kognition Dry Carbon 2-D wing - this wing came highly recommended to me by CL65Captain, illwillem, and other Cali track junkies a few years back. It makes MUCHO down force. If your a track junkie, like I was (still in recovery), you will appreciate the time it shaves off your laps - 2.2 sec in...
  7. M

    Exterior Gran Prix White OEM spoiler with LED

    My car is Black and I have zero use for this Spoiler and it's taking up space. It is near perfect condition, only imperfections being; a pinhole size chip on the front edge, paint having micro scratches but can be polished out as they are extremely superficial, and one narrow blemish on the...
  8. M

    Exterior Nsx-R style CF Wing WITHOUT 3rd Brale Light

    I know that downforce and procar make an nsxr style wing without the 3rd brake light. Maybe other brands? Cash in hand, I don't want your Seibon-Junk. Thanks for reading :smile: Chase
  9. notslow

    Exterior Factoy OEM rear spoiler

    Has some light damage by the taillight area, easy repair. Selling cheap 250.00 obo plus shipping
  10. Risen

    OEM Rear Trunk Spoiler (Berlina Black) 71700-SL0-900ZZ

    OEM Rear Trunk Spoiler (Berlina Black) from 1992. PN: 71700-SL0-900ZZ Price: $450 shipped -Has small paint chip on the right (Please see pictures) can use touch up paint -Light is intact -All 6 mounting studs are intact -Pigtail / harness / grommet is intact -Paint is pretty good, some...
  11. notslow

    NSX-R Spoiler, NEW, Berlina Black

    This Cantrell Concepts NSX-R spoiler was painted and never installed. It is an actual replica of the NSX-R spoiler, with correct shape and fit. Professionally painted factory Berlina black. It's been collecting dust, but still in perfect condition. Includes third brake light. Cost 1,500.00...
  12. luigib

    Taitec GT500 Wing

    If you re looking to gain functional rear downforce, the GT500 wing is the best option for you. It has adjustable rake to allow you to customize the amount of downforce it creates. Fitment is not an issue as it bolts directly into the mounting holes for the factory spoiler for all years of the...
  13. HondaDreamS


    Up for sale is my seibon nsxr style carbon fiber wing. Wing needs work to look perfect. Carbon fiber has been smoked so its darker than origional. Carbon weave is still visible. Some blemishes and pin holes. Perfect for someone who has access to a body guy and paint. No visible chips but there...
  14. PghMiller

    WTB: type-r spoiler (carbon fiber or berlina black)

    PM me if you have one for sale, I will buy immediately.
  15. H

    Exterior 92 OEM Wing with light

    SOLD $100 + shipping 92 OEM Wing with light Good condition, except black faded paint. UPDATE (08/18/2012): Bump to $185 includes shipping
  16. NSXFXL

    NSX spoiler/wing

    Is installing the custom carbon fiber spoiler/wing something I could do myself or should it be done by at the bodyshop?
  17. CL65 Captain

    Exterior NSX ARP GTC300 Wing FS or Trade for Downforce R

    NSX ARP GTC300 Wing FS or Trade for Downforce Type R. $1200 obo or trade for Downforce Type R (in good shape). One month old, excellent shape, no scratches or dings. Works great on the track. My lap times at Mid Ohio improved 2 sec right off the bat. Long story short, love the way it...
  18. Accel Junky

    CF NSXR Wing, Stacy sides, Innovate LC-1 Wideband Kit, Autometer Boost

    (Wing and sides sold. Over 20 people contacted me within 12hrs, I have not replied to everyone because of the time limit between PMs, so I am posted this here just in case.) I have the following parts still for sale, pics below and I do take paypal: - Innovate LC-1 Kit with red DB gauge (kit...
  19. Yawwn

    J's Racing Carbon Fiber wing

    Hello fellow Prime members, I have decided to sell the J's Racing carbon fiber wing and custom billet aluminum mounts that was on my yellow widebody NSX. The J's Racing wing is full carbon fiber, and was imported from Japan. It costs more than $2000 new. I also paid over $600 for billet...
  20. M

    Honda NSX (most are used & all good) parts - 1 lot special only [1/2]

    i'm moving and i have a list of NSX parts in my garage that i hope to sell to anyone in 1 lot, all are clean & well-packed. Most are used but in good condition. The aftermarket electronic luminous speedometer, pure CF clear HID mod headlight kit, and rim electronic tuning stuffs are brand new...
  21. THMotorsports

    DownForce 2010 Sale - THMotorsports - Look Inside

    THMotorsports is pleased to announce that we are the newest distributor of DownForce products. This seemed to be the next step we needed to take in order to satisfy all of our NSX customers. To show our excitement, we are offering great deals on all DownForce products. To kick things off...
  22. C

    FS: Carbon Fiber NSX-R Wing with 3rd LED Tail Light

    SOLD... Moderator, please close thread. As the title states, selling a Carbon Fiber NSX-R wing (with 3rd tail-light). The piece is in excellent condition. Posting pictures soon Asking $400 (plus shipping - no Paypal fees)
  23. Prospeed

    Carbon Fiber NSX-R Wing with LED

    Sold! Thanks Prime!

    Body Parts- Factory red trunk wing, side skirts, rear apron $400 OBO

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Thanks Prime!!! Factory red trunk wing, side skirts, rear apron $400 OBO If separate- Wing $300 Side Skirts $100 Valance $125 Dirty but not damaged! :tongue: Wing includes tail light. Removed from my '95 with 36K miles. Prefer to sell together but I have a...