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Exterior Kognition Dry Carbon Wing for NSX

7 September 2018
In the middle.
Kognition Dry Carbon 2-D wing - this wing came highly recommended to me by CL65Captain, illwillem, and other Cali track junkies a few years back. It makes MUCHO down force. If your a track junkie, like I was (still in recovery), you will appreciate the time it shaves off your laps - 2.2 sec in my case at my home track(!).

If you are mod'ing your NSX and want a super high quality, boutique piece - then this hand-made dry carbon wing will look the part and you will be the only one that has one. Took 4 months to get after I ordered it.

Literally used once and stored inside my house - I can't find any blemishes on it.


  • 72" wide
  • 10" chord
  • Rake adjustable
  • at its lowest rake: front edge sits 13" off the deck, rear edge 15"

I recommend a proper splitter + type R ducted hood to balance the aero, but it all depends on your driving style. I have a home-made splitter with flat-bottom extension that goes to about the center of the under body (for sale too). I would have added 500lb. springs to the rear and the hood if I kept tracking my car, but I like a more "nuetral" car. At my home track, GMP - a roval, you come off NASCAR 4 down the straight and into a very fast T1 into the infield. I was worried about the drag from the wing bringing my top speed down on the straight...I was actually 8 mph faster (142 mph) since I was able to run through the banking totally flat-out a good 15 mph faster than without the wing! T1 was also up about 15 mph on entry.

Was $1350

Droppped to $1250

Now $1150 Shipped
anywhere withing the continental United States PM or email me

PS- I am not a new member, I am SlipAngle79 but I had to re-register since I lost my password and old ISP email address from years ago. :rolleyes:


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Price drop: $1150 SHIPPED anywhere in the continental United States. One-of-a kind. Hand made by the guy who makes wings for IMSA race car teams. Mega downforce on the track.