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05 Silverstone NJ

15 March 2005
Plymouth, Michigan
The Kid has a nice specimen for sale in NJ. Acura certified pre-owned. Funny how silver on the NSX never initially put a hook in my lip, but the more I see (in person) the 2002 and newer silver with either onyx or silver interior it grows on me.
A couple of you have posted recently that you are looking for 2002 +. Spring is here. Make the deal knowing it is CPO warrantied.
Disclaimer: I have NO interest in this nice specimen other than hoping it will come to the Midwest and working The Kid for a cold something beverage next time I see him.

Nice plug!

I dont think its going to be a problem selling that car. Several of "us" spoke with him today about it.
Sale already pending but the I appreciate the kind words. Neil, first beer is on me at NSXPO 08:biggrin:
O K KID! Waited almost two full days to ask.
Did this specimen sell yet?
whoever it is obviously has good taste.
another happy NEW NSX owner
hope to see pics soon...