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Group Buy 1) Group Buy Prepreg Rear Strut Bar, 2) New project WIP

Have you thought about a front strut bar? I heard from users of the taitec front struct bar feels a noticeable differences.
vendor just informed us that their carbon supply does not look good pass this August. there is a worldwide supply line shortage. We are safe until then so sign up and we can get this going soon to avoid material shortage.

Hola Hugo, I have seen the Taitec front strut bar and the ones that Ross made a few years ago in alum that connects between the front shock towers. It does look pretty cool.

I am not convinced it makes much difference as 1) the areas around the shock tower is quite beefy. 2) the bending moment we did for the rear is low. 3) the front is much lighter so it moves less than the rear. 4) your statement might be true for the targa or folks do serious racing with slicks and the chassis might twist more but that is a different topic and a front bar might make sense. 5) we are willing to listen especially if we can drive one with and one without.

now I can say the Type R front bar and lower bar makes more sense and we will look into that possibility.
All bars shipped with tracking.
Thx u all who trusted us.
We have oe x-tra bar at this GB price.
plz lmk.

2nd GB starts now. Sign Up here or PM or email to P2F.
Price = $470 shipped to lower US 48.

FYI, one was shipped to Germany and shipping was $55 USD:eek:.

I did not receive any tracking info nor my bar. Please confirm mine was shipped, PM me the tracking info and where it was shipped. I sent payment and shipping info on December 4th through PayPal.
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Installed the rear bar today.
Old stock one with 4 bolts, 19.40 oz.
New carbon with titanium bolts, 10.55 oz.

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Tork No more than 17 ft/lbs.

We have a new/last batch of 20 ready to ship including 4 Ti bolts, $400 including shipping to US lower 48.
Made from Toray T700 Prepreg, structurally load carrying, flat finishing off the mold with no additional clear coat adding unnecessary weight.
For DIY, you can attach LED lights underneath to light up the engine bay :wink: at nite.
These will be the last batch available as we want to build a new batch to help the targa folks.
Thx for your support allowing us to stay in business making upgraded parts.


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We want to say a word of thanks to James O., Albert L., & Hugo for purchasing and supporting P2F. Most of them have asked good questions and understand the value and the effectiveness of the parts we make. It means a lot to us to want to keep going.

This is a prepreg/dry carbon bar that is able to carry load much more than just for looks that are functional as well as aesthetically easy on the eyes. It took many layers of different weaves of UD/45/90 to achieve the stiffness and the thickness we need so the final layer you see, is a 3K 45/45 layer although most of the load is traversing back and forth horizontally(X<->X).

The reason it looks flat not shinny is how prepreg carbon parts comes off the mold after curing. If a prepreg part is shinny/glossy, it will take many layers of clear coat to have a polish look which will take many hours of labor and added weight. A wet layup carbon is more shinny coming off the mold due to the excess resin.

17 bars left. Get it while still available of this last batch. If you want the plain Ti bolts, use the brunt ones we have until we order a new batch for exchange.
Thank you Pole 2 Flag Racing for engineering such a quality and functional product. This is the real deal and to be honest for $400, is such a steal. I had gotten the NSX-R rear strut bar from Japan earlier this year but will be keeping this on my car. I took a few pictures but it doesn't do the Prepreg CF rear strut bar justice.





we made a new batch of 5 rear engine struts and it is ready to ship to lower US 48 for $550 including shipping with Ti bolts.
Contact us here or PM or 619-365-4870. Paypal has changed its rate so contact us before place your order.

This is a properly made rear strut with UD/45/90 Toray prepreg carbon that can take load. It is a genuine upgrade to be lighter, better and stronger, not a mod. Next batch we will be able to offer glossy finish as well.

* Qty 1 - this is our prototype and we only have one available. $450 shipped to lower 48. Comes with 4 Ti bolts.
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Thank you Pole 2 Flag Racing for engineering such a quality and functional product. This is the real deal and to be honest for $400, is such a steal. I had gotten the NSX-R rear strut bar from Japan earlier this year but will be keeping this on my car. I took a few pictures but it doesn't do the Prepreg CF rear strut bar justice.
Thx for the kind words. It is people like you who appreciates what we do to keep us making new parts.
social media folks must sign up here to be counted for real as social media posts get push-down quickly and get lost. Few folks don't like what we do nor care about light weight so our posts get pushed down.
We had a few "interesting/noise" on social media:

1) ..." I thought the GB is $400 shipped....why it is $550 now?
1st GB was over in July. Plus, we design and make our parts per order. we don't source from a 3rd party/oversea and buy a large qty. for economy of scale and be a middleman to resell. 1st GB is the best time to buy our parts at the lowest price to get the part out to this small family of NSX owners. If you are "new" to NSX, this is how we always done in the past and future.
Due to Covid, lots of things have changed. Carbon source is no exception as global airplane orders are down. We mentioned this back in May that carbon will be difficult to get and the price will go up for all industries.


2) " why your price is so expensive."
Our carbon parts are made from prepreg so it can take load. You must know the difference between wet layup and prepreg to understand what you are buying. It is like buying cast alum parts vs. forged alum parts. there is a big price difference and the quality. They looks similar but they are not. The price of carbon parts will come down over time just like everything else new as the process improves and becomes more efficient but that will take a while and we are not in our 20s anymore to wait for that to happen.

3) "can you make out of fiberglass so its cheaper?"
good question. You can always dip or wrap it in carbon. fiberglass/metal parts are high tech back in the 60's. This NSX is an iconic car in many ways, it is not a S2K, WRX, 370Z, Miata, Civic Type R...etc. that many parts are made from steel which is way cheaper and heavy. the car was designed in the 80's(x386 era) and to put parts that is designed in the 90's(x486 ear) is better but not much an upgrade IMO. The whole car is made from alum so it deserve better material to be lighter, stronger, stiffer, more efficient => faster and better even at low speed where most of us live. Not everyone care about our parts as it can't be seen at a C&C and most people want more HP and Boost.

4) "other carbon parts for another car cost less...why?...are you jacking up the price because it is a NSX?"
Well....this part or our others part may not be for you.
we have no economy of scale, no vendor is excited for make 5-10 parts. all the GB on Prime are small in numbers compare to other cars. thus, the cost to make is higher as you can not amortize like other cars.
If you want discount, our 1st GB is your best bet so we can get it out to the few who saved up or use less crack or sell more crack or sell bitcoin or TESLA, APPLE stocks.
Wet lay up carbon are very different than prepreg carbon. You must know the difference and the reason what not to use. It is possible that the engine brace(coupe or targa) does not see a huge load under stress unless you have a 500,600,700+hp with ton of tork but you will need a roll cage to make the chassis stiffer. an engine brace is not gonna do the trick. The load path for the engine brace is mostly in the X-Y direction. Unless your slicks are properly scrubbed and heated under large enough slip angle, the torsional load is not big.
Thx for placing your order on Paypal but please select friends and family to avoid the new 5.6% fee by Paypal. State if you want the proto bar(1) or the regular production bar. If you are not able to pass the fee, you can paypal to our personal at [email protected] or check but no food stamps at this time.
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We have 3 coupe bars left ready to ship. As nice as your OEM/Carbing/Comptech/Stmpo/Lovefab/etc. metal bars are, these are way lighter, more trick and just as stiff if not stiffer with Ti bolts in function and form. $550 shipped to canada as well is a really good price/value as ~$30 is shipping, 4 Ti bolts are ~$20 so the bar by itself is very affordable at ~$495 and we can deliver to Raman's shop or in SD county for $500 as a "locals special" before the 31st.

We are not shame to say we need the money to finish the targa bar development and the active aero project. We also want to continue to develop new product offerings as we're moving to a more biz friendly state to expand our capability so you are helping us to help you so we can keep making this car better and better using up-to-date technology. We follow Gordon Murray's approach to cars by applying common sense physics so you are buying real light weight, strong prepreg carbon parts while reaping the benefit of carbon at any speed especially between 0-100-0 mph where most of us spend our time. Although this bar is only 50% lighter than the OEM bar, but the method we use to make this hollow bar is very beneficial for making other load carrying parts. We also learned 1st hand the pros and cons of what honeycomb and structural foam with carbon can and can not do.

Few companies design and manufacture parts based on physics which adds value/intelligence to the parts made. Thank those who are new to NSX and believe in us. We are too small to fail and too big not to cared about making this car better. Put real upgrades on your Gen 1 NSX and let us know what product you like to see in carbon. We had great trouble during Covid and that was the last nail to the coffin to prompt us to move our manufacturing out of Calif. Future design and R&D will still be in Calif.
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Thx to the latest Canadian order, we only have two left. Typically shipping is a lot to Canada, while we were getting quotes at the USPS, we were surprised the cost is about the same as shipping to the lower 48 due to the light weight of the part. :smile: so we can do $550 to Canada as well.

ie. shipping the ABS delete kit to the US is just under $10 Flat shipping but to Canada is nearly $30. :mad:
Corrosion concerns

Qs on corrosion concerns as real carbon fiber is conductive when used with different metallic material but the electrical potential is small between Ti and Carbon but for your peace of mind, you can do this:

1)use a thin fiber gasket
2) use anti-seize on the thread
3) thin coat the ends of the bar with Plastic-dip spray or something similar
4) thin coat the mounting area on the car

There is a thread on Prime on this topic as well.


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Just picked up mine this morning and oh man, what a beautiful piece. Half the weight of the OEM bar but stronger and much better looking esp with the titanium bolts…cannot recommend enough.
If you are on the fence getting a coupe engine brace in prepreg carbon, contact us. We are making progress making a targa bar in carbon but will use the tooling for the coupe bar to keep cost in check. Once the tooling for the targa is made, it can not be used to make the coupe bar anymore. We only have a couple coupe bars in stock so don't loose out.
Interested in a Targa bar.
Do you have pricing yet?

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Not yet. we're in the processing of moving our production to a more biz friendly state.
the 3D proto is ready for test fit and we found a targa NSX 2 hours away willing offer for a test fit.
next step is to figure out the tooling cost and see how many are willing to pay.....then we can determine the price per unit.

Based on that, If we get enough willing and able to pay, the the production will begin...otherwise, it can't happen due to low demand.
mostly likely we'll can use the coupe bar tooling for the T-bar to keep cost in check but its not a reservable process once we commit to making T-bar.

We hope more people are willing and able so we can bring the active aero project to fruition.
I had the chance to test fit and use this bar on my 96 targa and it did amazing. After going from stock triangle (heavy) to comptech triangle (lighter) I felt no difference in drivability with this carbon bar and it was substantially lighter than the other 2. For all targa owners this coupe bar will work just fine on the targa without the need for an extra brace on firewall. I did tight cornering, excessive braking and maneuvered without any creaking or noises and was as stiff as the comptech and oem bars. Highly recommend this product for both coupes and targas for all NA1 and NA2!